It鈥檚 no secret that the things you love as a kid tend to stay with you as nostalgic favorites through your life. It鈥檚 true of Lisa Frank, it鈥檚 true of tons of your favorite beauty products and it鈥檚 definitely true of Netflix鈥檚 Fuller House series. Even though the Olsen twins weren鈥檛, and likely never will be, part of the reboot, their role as Michelle Tanner in the original was our introduction to the twins, and they鈥檇 go on to be part of our lives for decades to come.

Mary-Kate and Ashley may have turned 30 this year (!), but we still follow their every move. Here are just a few things that every girl who grew up with these iconic twin sisters will understand.

1. You were either a Mary-Kate or an Ashley. In their post-Full House lives, where they actually played separate people, Mary-Kate and Ashley fell into their roles as the tomboy and the girly-girl, respectively. While their differences cause their fair share of disagreements, it also taught us to embrace our true selves and accept others as they are. Plus, it totally made it easier for our younger, simpler brains to pick a favorite.


2. Having a twin sister seemed like the coolest thing in the world. Despite their differences, Mary-Kate and Ashley introduced us to the inexplicable ~magic~ of having a twin sister early on. A constant best friend, schemer, clothes-sharer 鈥 we wanted what we didn鈥檛 have or understand. (Photo via Giphy)

3. But having an annoying older brother was the WORST. The Olsens used their voice and platform for one of time鈥檚 worst plagues 鈥 the older brother who always picks on his little sisters. They immortalized their plan to sell their older brother Trent for .50 cents in the classic hit 鈥淏rother for Sale.鈥 #neverforget

4. When you learned Mary-Kate and Ashley had other IRL siblings, you felt betrayed in a way. We can鈥檛 even explain this one, but RIGHT? Was it because of their Full House family? Or the fact that they should exist on a twin island without other family dynamics. It鈥檚 like when you run into your teacher at the mall. Something just feels weird about it! Of course, their sister Elizabeth also caught the acting bug and is super famous on her own. (Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)

5. You know every word to this song. Despite a number of musical classics, 鈥淚 Am The Cute One鈥 might arguably be their most popular. Weird, in hindsight, but huge tune.

6. Two words: Butterfly clips. (Photo via Getty)

7. Two more words: Tube tops. (Photo via Getty)

8. Somehow, against all sparkly, butterfly-clipped, tube-topped odds, they鈥檝e minimalized and streamlined, becoming worldwide style moguls and icons. Their (more specifically, Mary-Kate鈥檚) signature boho-chic look is still evolving after all these years, and we can count on the twins to wear looks we鈥檙e barely keeping up on. (Photo via Andrew H. Walker/Getty)


9 . But they鈥檒l always be Michelle Tanner first and foremost. You got it, dude. (Photo via Giphy)

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(Featured photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)