Ever since we found out that mall staple Bath & Body Works is bringing back eight old school scents, we’ve been hardcore reminiscing about some of our old beauty products. There was something just so nostalgic about catching a whiff of Candies or flicking open your Bonne Bell lipstick (you know, good nostalgic, not the kind of nostalgia that ruins your current relationship). Relive your best ’90s makeup memories with us below.


1. Victoria’s Secret Love Spell: Victoria’s Secret’s old school scents were pretty much the epitome of our childhood, and none moreso than that all-too familiar Love Spell ($18). Formerly sold in whimsical flower-stem shaped glass bottles that we collected like baseball cards (R.I.P.), the packaging is what we miss the most, but the memory-filled aroma of our innocence lives on. (Photo via Victoria’s Secret)


2. Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions: We CAN’T be the only ones who remember these fun little fragrances… can we? With a scent to match every mood, Bottled Emotions quickly became our go-to fragrance in any situation. Feeling flirty? Try a spritz of blue! Crazy? Own it with purple! The options were endless.


3. Bath & Body Art Stuff: The ‘90s and glitter went together hand and hand, so when paired with our favorite Bath & Body Works scents, this was a match made in teenage Heaven.


4. dELiAs Makeup: We think there might be some kind of law against making a ‘90s round-up without giving a nod to dELiAs. There was no greater piece of mail (sans maybe a BMG CD club mailer) back in the day than this glorious little catalog in all its on-trend glory — metallic lipstick and glitter polish? We were so on board.


5. Gap Scents: With unmistakably familiar aromas (fresh cut grass, anyone?), Gap’s former fragrance line kept us zen (Om), hopeful (Dream) and nostalgic (Grass).


6. Tinkerbell Makeup: This Tinkerbell Cosmetics lipgloss and nail polish marked our first foray into makeup. Needless to say, we never looked back.


7. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers: Lip Smackers was more than just a chapstick back in the day: It was a LIFESTYLE. You had them in every. Single. Flavor. (Dr. Pepper included), and you reapplied to the point of excess because they smelled so darn good. While they’re still available for purchase (prices vary) under a new company, the original brand is dead and gone, and we will forever mourn it. (Photo via Lipsmacker)


8. Candie’s for Women Perfume: Everyone was a Candie’s girl in the ‘90s, and we do mean everyone: From B. Spears and Jenny McCarthy to Ashlee Simpson and Fergie, Candie’s ad girls were the epitome of cool. And that cool factor presumably spilled over to anyone that bought their scent ($20), so obviously, it was a must. We can smell its musky notes now!


9. Bonne Belle Gear Flip Gloss: There was something that was just so utterly satisfying about flicking up that little silver cap to reapply our Mocha Sheen! The pop-top design kept us entertained during our less riveting classes and kept our lipstick smudge-free, and really, what more could we ask for?


10. Hard Candy Nail Polish: Last year marked the brand’s 20th anniversary, and our inner-’90s selves were all aglow to see the nail polish we so desperately coveted (how could we not, with those insanely edgy ads?) in retail stores once again. Get the color that started it all when ’90s babe Alicia Silverstone showed it off on David Letterman: SKY ($4)!

What were some of your throwback beauty products we missed? Share your faves with us @BritandCo!

(Feature photo via Getty)