OMG! OMG! OMG! It鈥檚 finally here, Fuller House fans! After hearing about the news for what feels like forever and being teased with trailers that made us over-the-top excited, the Tanner family and all of their friends are back. We鈥檙e sure you鈥檙e planning a binge-watching weekend, but before you turn on Netflix and click on the first episode, you鈥檒l definitely want to check out these amazingly nostalgic moments and memories to watch out for (of course, with no nasty spoilers).

Fuller House

1. Fabulous Full House flashbacks. There are a ton of familiar, heart-twinging flashbacks to the original Full House, so make sure you keep an eye out. Those flashbacks make the characters鈥 modern day Fuller House lives that much sweeter.

2. The whole gang is in the house. Almost every former cast member you could hope for appears on screen, from the Tanners themselves to their besties, their beasts, and even a former boyfriend.

3. The BLATANT Michelle reference. The most obvious absence is of course Michelle Tanner, who was played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Although you totally have to agree with the twins鈥 explanation about the super bad timing for them, the show still slipped in an obvious (like staring right into the camera kind of obvious) reference that was maybe a hint 鈥 or even perhaps a plea 鈥 to the famous Olsens.

4. Joey鈥檚 Schticks. A Bullwinkle impression, Mr. Woodchuck and 鈥渃ut it out.鈥 Need we say more?!

5. Kimmy鈥檚 Gibbler-ness. Kimmy continues to be a Gibbler, and she鈥檚 just as Kimmy as she ever was. Now, she鈥檚 a professional, she鈥檚 a mom, but she鈥檚 still as Kimmy as she was before, and it鈥檚 hilariously awesome.

6. Jesse and The Rippers (!) Not only are we treated with an actual Jesse and The Rippers performance, but they also bring back a song (with a sing-along) that will have you humming along 鈥淔orever.鈥

7. Heart-Warming Sniffles. Okay, so maybe we got a little teary near the end of the very first episode, BUT SO WILL YOU! We won鈥檛 spoil it for you, but the gang totally comes through when needed. The loving outpouring, topped off with the ultimate nostalgic flashback, will have you sniffling and possibly wiping away a tear or two.

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(photo via Fuller House/Facebook)