You guys, I have something really groundbreaking to tell you that you might not know: I am obsessed with the ‘90s. Omg, are you like totally buggin’? You had no idea? Really?!

PSYCH. Everyone who has ever met me knows that the ‘90s are my spirit animal. The flannels, the bedazzling, the magical dichotomy of angst and sparkly unicorns that defined my favorite decade — I love it all. So you can imagine what that does to someone in the throes of Halloween costume madness who also happens to be in charge of figuring out what costumes we should make, who should make them and when we should shoot them. Naturally, I assigned someone a project that would make all my ‘90s dreams come true.


That special someone was beauty editor and master costume-maker, Misty Spinney! My girl Misty expertly crafted and put together each of these six looks, and turned us into some of our favorite besties from the ‘90s. Clueless? DUH. Wayne and Garth? Schwing! Dreams can actually come true. Happy Halloweek!

Cher and Dionne


Been shopping with Dr. Seuss? Ugh, as if!


You’d be hard pressed to find two more iconic best friends than these two. Their outfits, attitudes and vernacular defined an entire generation. And yes, their lives did look a lot like a Noxema commercial.

For Cher’s outfit:
 – blonde wig

– black and yellow plaid print skirt + jacket (we found ours on Amazon!)

– white button-up shirt

– white knee-high socks

– high-heeled Mary Janes or booties

For Dionne’s outfit:
 – black and white plaid print skirt + jacket

– red blouse

– white knee-high socks

– black heels or Mary Janes

 – black duct tape

– white poster board

– white fascinator (the base of your hat)

– cardboard

– red faux flower

– hot glue


This looks starts with the plaid ‘fits, but the real star is that hat. Here’s how to make it: Take your fascinator and lay it on a piece of cardboard. Outline the circumference of the fascinator and then around 3-4 inches around that. Use an X-ACTO knife to cut out both and then hot glue the base of the hat into the center hole you cut out. Take another piece of poster board and roll it in a circle to fit around the top of the fascinator (this will be the top of your hat). Use black duct tape to create the brim of the hat and then add your bow and flower above it.


The next step is to talk on the phone to your bestie… endlessly. I mean, Mr. Hall really was way harsh!

Blossom and Six


Remember when that chick from the Big Bang Theory was a tween and had her own show? Yeah. That was called Blossom and her bestie sidekick was named Six.

For Blossom’s outfit:
 – black long sleeve floral dress

– black vest

– cloche hat

– white faux flower

For Six’s outfit:
 – jean jacket, preferably with some sparkle

– sparkly top

– jeans

– big bow for that stylish side part


These outfits were super easy to put together with a visit to Goodwill and a little rifling through both my and Misty’s closets. Like with the Clueless besties, the key here is that floral-topped hat. You can literally wear anything you want, so long as you top it with a bucket or cloche hat that has a flower attached to it.


Oh, these two.

Lisa Frank and a Unicorn


First, allow us to blow your mind by showing you one of two pictures on the entire Internet of what Lisa Frank looks like. Yeah. Down below. That’s her to the left, that turtleneck sweater is ON POINT and this is the second time this week that I’ve been able to become one of the famous Lisas of the ‘90s. Next year, I plan on becoming Lisa Loeb, Lisa Bohnet and Lisa Kudrow and my life will be complete. But anyway, back to this costume!


We imagine that Lisa Frank’s bestie in the ‘90s was probably a unicorn or a tiger or a cat or a bear. Since we had a unicorn horn from a past costume, we decided to go with the unicorn theory.

For Lisa’s outfit:
 – striped purple top

– pink or purple turtleneck sweater

– auburn wig

– jeans or purple pastel pants? go with your gut ;)

For the Unicorn:
 – colorful ‘80s style dress

– white wig

– headband

– cone

– rope

– pouffy braided tail


Once again, Goodwill did us a solid when it came to sourcing Lisa Frank’s look. We found the striped top and turtleneck on the same rack! To create your unicorn horn, attach a cone to a headband, then wrap white rope around it. Done and done.


Is it just us or does this make you want to listen to “Pony” by Ginuwine? Or perhaps Rihanna’s “Pony” rework, “Jump?”

Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff


Cult TV show My So-Called Life was just the best. No show portrayed the trials and tribulations of angsty love, friendship and high school more accurately. And you know what else? It was this show that gave us the gift of Jordan Catalano, aka Jared Leto in the ‘90s. #swoon

For Angela’s outfit:
 – denim overalls

– plaid oversized shirt

– short red wig

For Rayanne’s outfit:
 – blond hair extension

– old school colorful clips

– distressed brown leather cross body bag

– oddly shiny and also iridescent brown top


For Angela’s look, it’s all about perfecting the combination of innocence and intelligence. For Rayanne, you’ve gotta look a little bit crazy and disheveled but in a totally lovable way.



Daria and Jane


All I have to say is: “You’re standing on my neck.”

These two teens were never very impressed but that somehow made us love them.

For Jane’s outfit:
 – red blazer

– black shirt with white trim

– short black wig

– gray pants

– silver aluminum wire (to create an earring cuff)

For Daria’s outfit:
 – green blazer or jacket

– orange shirt

– brown/reddish wig

– glitter craft foam for glasses


Can we just take a moment to talk about how amazing Misty looks in that black wig? I mean, WOW. There are two quick and easy DIY elements in these costumes. For Jane, we cut small pieces of aluminum wire and cuffed them around our ears to create a faux version that beautifully ‘90s series of hoop piercings. For Daria, create cartoonish glasses by cutting them out of craft foam. Use eyelash glue or fashion tape to attach to your face.


Time to watch an episode of Sick Sad World.

Wayne and Garth


Finally, how could we resist recreating one of our favorite ‘90s costumes, Wayne and Garth?! This is a great option for couples or besties and is really all about the hair and Garth’s goofy smile.

For Wayne’s outfit:
 – black Wayne’s World hat

– black t-shirt

– light jeans

For Garth’s outfit:
 – crazy blond mullet wig

– old concert t-shirt

– blue flannel

– jeans

– drumsticks

– glasses


We’re not worthy!


Oh, and one more thing.


K, I’m outtie. See you next year, Halloween!

DIY Styling + Production: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre