There are few feelings better than the rush you get after you land your dream job, but it can take a while to reach the point in your career when you can happily spend your days doing the work you love. That said, sometimes it might actually make sense to accept a job you (GASP) don’t really want. Whether your offer is the wrong title, wrong department or even the wrong firm or industry, we sourced some pro tips from Christy Johnson, founder and CEO of The Artemis Connection, for how to handle the situation like a total #girlboss while keeping your career on track.



Christy advises creating a list of your top three needs when job searching, which will help you streamline your needs versus wants with a company and the role. When asking yourself if you should accept a job you don’t want, she says, “The answer often hinges on whether this job meets your top three ‘must haves’.”

People are quick to dive into a job search without really reflecting on what their non-negotiables are — so figure yours out first and stick to them. “You’ll give yourself much more flexibility by being open to accept a great job that you don’t necessarily want,” says Christy.


Of course, the “top three” will vary for everyone. “You might have different musts in your own ‘top three,’ whether it’s culture, development or geographic location,” Christy says. The key is to invest some time to really think about yourself, your professional goals and your happiness.

So whether you have serious wanderlust and welcome a chance to relocate or are a creative who requires a team that thinks outside the box, Christy stresses the importance of staying true to what makes YOU the happiest. Evaluating all of the aspects a job has to offer and how they truly fit with the things that are most important to you is a useful way to identify and capitalize on a great opportunity.



Accepting a job you don’t really want comes with some risks and benefits, both of which should be weighed when thinking about signing on the dotted line. For example, Christy says, “You might have to deal with part of a job that makes you less than thrilled to get out of bed in the morning, but you could also discover hidden benefits of doing so, like super growth potential or unmatched learning opportunities.” Is the team smart, hardworking and well-positioned to help you along your career path? Can the job, experience or company help you reach your ultimate goal? So long as the job meets your “top three,” Christy advises pushing yourself to overlook some of the other drawbacks that simply aren’t as important.

Once you’ve figured out your needs versus wants, carefully considered a job offer and weighed the pros and cons, you’ll be on your way to making the right decision. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut, and follow your heart. Ensuring that your needs are met will set you up for success, and put you in a position to do your best work!

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