There’s honestly nothing more awesome about celebrities than the cool ways they use their power, such as Amal Clooney’s human rights activism or 2014’s ice bucket challenge for ALS. Now there’s a new celeb awareness-raising trend making the rounds: If you’ve looked at your fave celebs’ Instas lately, you may have noticed a tank or two (or 10) bearing the #ActuallySheCan hashtag.

The campaign is actually sponsored by a large drug company, Allergan, whose mission is to have millennial women talk to each other about health, wellness and issues affecting them. is the place to ask those health questions that you spend hours Googling. Not only will you likely find the answer, you might also find someone else who’s also experiencing whatever you’re going through. The site promotes discussion on hot topics ranging from body image, birth control, diet and exercise to so much more.

The hashtag was born out of our generation’s popular chorus of “I can’t even,” proving that there really is someone listening to the millennial voice. To boot, celebs have been picking up the signature tank tops for the campaign, which have cute slogans like “Less regret, more sweat” and “Less hesitation, more meditation” on them — simple but powerful reminders of what’s important.

Fronted by model Jourdan Dunn, you can pick up a tank at partner LeMotto’s website and check them out on Cara Delevigne, Lucy Hale and more. Oh, and if liking the soft, washed cotton and empowering slogans isn’t enough, the purchase also gives back to Academy Women, a women’s military non-profit. Ladies, load your shopping carts.

Have you participated in this campaign? Tweet us using #ActuallySheCan so everyone can see!

(Feature image via @actuallyshecan)