Sigh, remember last weekend when Saturday was only the BEGINNING of a three day weekend? Those were the days. We may not be able to give you three days this time around but it is still our duty to serve up five apps that your phone needs immediately, plus a bonus look at all of the apps we downloaded during the week. There鈥檚 a big name site giving your favorite function its own app, something that wants to help you around your 鈥榟ood and another that wants to help you nab all that street style you see there. There鈥檚 even taco texting (we鈥檒l explain)! See, it鈥檚 not so bad.

1. Ask Me Anything: Even if you鈥檙e not a diehard redditor, you know you鈥檝e skimmed an AMA in your day. AMA = Ask Me Anything, a totally candid interview process where celebrities, personalities, innovators and other interesting people you might have a question or two for hop on and let you have at them, answering the Internet鈥檚 questions in a thread. This new app totally amplifies the (already insanely cool) experience by notifying you when there鈥檚 a new AMA, letting you ask questions in active threads and giving you easy access to past interviews 鈥 all in a much more beautifully designed space.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

2. Enquire: So you have an app where you can ask your idols anything, cool, but what if you need to ask someone something a little closer to home. Like something literally in your 鈥榟ood? That鈥檚 what this app is for. Enquire is a sweet and simple app that lets you ask questions about your neighborhood to the people who might know the answer, your nabes. Ask folks where the best dry cleaner is, if they too, feel like they鈥檙e paying way too much in rent (uh, probably). We won鈥檛 judge you if you ask where the best brunch place is. Or if you try to find out if your local barista crush is single. There鈥檚 even incentive to explore 鈥 go out 鈥榥鈥 about and unlock new neighborhoods when you visit them. Right now this one鈥檚 only available in New York and Paris with other cities to (hopefully) come later.

Cost: Free for iOS

3. Grabble: Shopping in a real life store is very yesterday, isn鈥檛 it? Now it鈥檚 really all about the fashion app that lets you swipe right on favorite finds and buy them directly in a tap or two. Grabble does just that, unlocking favorite stores like Topshop, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and more on your phone so you can browse and buy from their latest collections. There鈥檚 the swiping right function on favorites and an easy way to set parameters for what you want to browse, but one of our favorite features of this app shares more with Google than Tinder. The search function is stellar, like if you got to walk into a mall and be directed exactly to what stores your particular purchases could be found in.

Cost: Free for Android and聽iOS

4. Contact Center: Over the past week this app has been a favorite on my favorite tech sites, so I had to check it out. Contact Center joins the fleet of apps trying to make communication a better experience for all of us. We don鈥檛 just plain old text anymore, we group text and we swap GIFs, we WhatsApp with friends across the globe and we send the fam picture updates on a designated email chain. You assemble a custom contact-focused launch pad so you have one place to view your favorite contacts, groups you communicate with regularly and have more specific actions at your fingertips than just the ability to just call, text or email them.

Cost: Free for iOS

5. Taco Text: We know you鈥檙e a little crabby about the lack of days in this weekend compared to last weekend, so I thought I鈥檇 wrap up this roundup with a lil鈥 something to make you smile. Taco Text is not much more than what it sounds like. It鈥檚 like Yo for taco emojis 鈥 a super simple app for sending tacos (鈥渆veryday,鈥 breakfast, fish and mystery varieties) to and fro. There, does that make up for work on Monday?

Cost: Free for iOS


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