GIFs are everywhere! Just when we thought photos couldn’t get any more awesome, people started animating them. Since we shared this list of five ways to make an animated GIF a couple years ago, the market has been flooded with awesome new tools to up your GIF game. Whether you’re creating an animation just to share with your besties or one to share with the world, these apps have you covered.

1. Ultratext: If you’re not turning your iMessages into GIFs by now…. what is wrong with you? We shared this must-download app before, but we just can’t get enough of it. (Free on iOS)

2. GIF Me!: This app delivers as being possibly the easiest app for making GIFs and immediately sharing them to your social media platforms. The beautiful filters are an added bonus. (Free on Android)

3. Nutmeg: Who needs to make their own GIF? This app delivers hilarious choices right to your phone for you to instantly share with your besties. Pick a category and prepare to laugh. (Free on iOS)

4. Cinemagram: We’ve long been into this app, which lets you animate just one part of a still image for an awesome effect. If all your friends are sending you GIFs, impress the pants off of them by sending a Cinemagram. (Free on iOS)

5. GIF Shop: Capture as many frames as you want and endlessly make them animated? Sign us up! This handy app also stores all your animations and lets you send them to friends. ($.99 on iOS)

6. Echograph: It’s been called the Instagram of GIFs, because it takes everything you love about the popular photo app and applies it to animation. (Free on iOS)

7. 5SecondsApp: This app features tons of editing tools so you can work and rework your animation until it’s just perfect. (Free on iOS)

8. Sparks: This is a killer way to add text over your GIFs. The easy-to-use platform takes you from a simple photo to an animated piece that tells a story in just a few seconds. (Free on iOS)

9. GifBoom: An oldie but a goody, this app lets you make GIFs, stop motions, time lapse videos and more from photos you take yourself or collect from the web. (Free on iOS and Android)

10. MyFaceWhen: When :) just won’t do, this tool lets you easily share your animated expressions with all your friends. The best part is you can scroll through other popular GIF faces on the app in case you don’t want to make your own. ($.99 on iOS)

11. FotoRus: Instantly upgrade your photos and videos with dozens of frames and added designs. The app features plenty of motion effects to seriously dress up your GIFs. (Free on iOS and Android)

12. Giffer: If you don’t need a bunch of editing tools, this is the app for you. It boils the GIF-making process down to a few simple taps of your screen. Of course, there are editing tools if you want to dress it up. ($2.99 on iOS)

13. Gifinator Plus: Basically Giffer for Android, this awesome app puts you just a few steps away from killer animations made from any kind of photo. ($.99 on Android)

Are you a gifted GIF-maker? What’s your favorite animation tool?