Taking things as close to epic WWDC-like proportions as you can get without Craig Federighi hair selfies, Amazon just revealed their long-rumored smartphone: the Fire Phone. Oo and ah over the name, but save a few for what it can actually do. As much as we love our iPhones, as fun as an Android vs. iOS debate is, as down as we are with Cortana and even as excited as we get for Google’s eventual gadget — we have something to admit. The Fire Phone has some specs you can’t see anywhere else. Not even the iPhone 6. Here are a few things it can do that no one else can (yet) do better.

1. Show You Things in 3D: Forget printing (for now ;), 3D’s new foray into your life is on your device. Just like we reported back in April, the Fire Phone features dynamic perspective, offering a 3D view of the lock screen and different apps and games. Using a custom head-tracking tool, the phone’s four (!!) front-facing cameras detect when you move your head to show you a different view.

You’ll be able to tilt and swivel your phone to “peek” at different views — like moving the phone to look at Yelp reviews while in the map app. Even read books and articles without having to scroll down at the end of each page. We can’t wait to see what developers will do with this technology. Surely a fleet of 3D games and apps you didn’t know you need will make you consider the switch.

2. Get On-Demand, On-Screen Help: Similar to the Kindle Fire HDX, the smartphone features a MayDay button on the side that will call an Amazon customer service rep to your screen with just one touch — how many times have you needed that option for your phone/computer/life?

3. Point + Shoot Shopping: Sure, there’s an app for that, but you’ll be able to use your Fire like your own personal scanner, taking pictures of barcodes and stocking up on what you need more of around the house while you’re out ‘n’ about. Using Amazon’s Firefly technology, you’ll also be able to press a button and identify numbers on posters, actors in shows you’re watching on TV and music you’re listening to.

4. Take One Zillion Photos: You know how you can’t update your phone to the latest iOS because it’s too crammed with all of your selfies? With Fire, you’ll get unlimited photo storage in the cloud. For free. PRICELESS. And you’ll need the space — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos swears Fire Phone takes better photos than whatever you’re texting and snapping on right now.

5. Be Yours This Summer: This one is more for the iPhoners dying for that next device. You might not be convinced to cash in your Apple chips just yet, but you’ll at least be very jealous of the intrepid Fire Phone users who can get theirs July 25 while we’re still waiting for the iPhone 6 announcement. The 32GB Fire Phone starts at $199 with plans exclusively through AT&T.

BONUS: We promised you six, right!? Every Fire Phone will come with headphones that don’t tangle. That’s right, besides built-in stereo speakers that blow your phone’s outta the music festival, each smartphone comes with a set of magnetic earbuds that Amazon swears are tangle-free. Okay, we’re in! (Photo)

What team are you on right now: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Fire Phone?! Or are you just holding out for Google’s modular smartphone… Let us know if you would give it all up for Amazon’s latest below!