We showed you the smartwatch that you can build to be your own, now let’s take a look at the modular smartphone that will satisfy the gadget-loving Goldilocks in you — and maybe change the state of smartphones for all. Google’s Project Ara has been percolating for awhile, and they’re finally ready to give us a closer look and set a date we can get our digits on them. In two words: we want.

Project Ara is code name for Google’s modular phone, a game-changing cell that grows with you and wants to save you from your controlling “we’ll tell YOU when to upgrade” contract. All of the components on the future device will be interchangeable, so you’ll be able to switch up your smartphone as your personal needs change. Or as new features come out.

With a modular phone, you can customize everything from your color scheme (we’re loving the bright bits we’re seeing so far!) to what functions you want it to perform. DIY the device with modules that contain cameras, sensors for health and activity tracking, antennas, microphones and more.

What’s even better than buying a new piece for your phone whenever you want it? Using a 3D printer to print it out, of course. Yes, that will be an option, too. Project Ara, you have our attention and our MakerBots and Micros are just getting warmed up.

The plan is to roll out the phone in a few different models. The least expensive and most basic, WiFi-only gadget will be released first and could cost as low as $50. A higher end gadget will come later and could run $500 or more. Google’s modular phone will go from Project Ara to a store near you by this time next year, with orders starting in January 2015. Maybe you don’t need to start saving a place in line for the iPhone 6 after all…

You know who you are: the gal or guy who can’t commit to a smartphone or wearable because you haven’t found the one that satisfies all of your needs perfectly. No judgment. We get it. Would you give up your Android/iPhone/Windows Phone for Project Ara? What features would you make sure it has? Share below!