From what you’re watching to what you’re eating, Amazon is hard at work to cover all of the bases for wants and needs in our lives. In the last year they’ve launched new services and products to make shopping easier (Amazon Dash and Amazon Flow), TV more entertaining (Amazon Fire) and, heck, we’ve been e-reading with them all along. You might already use your phone of choice to shop their site, but Amazon is about to offer up a new option we’re POSITIVE will be eligible for Prime shipping: their very own smartphone.

BGR released the exclusive first look photo of Amazon’s premiere smartphone prototype today — what do you think? From the outside (FYI it is in a case in this pic, so it looks a bit bulky) it doesn’t appear all that jaw-dropping, and its technical measurements are on par with the competition, but there is a major component we want to know more about.

Amazon’s smartphone will have a total of six cameras — there will be a main rear-facing 13 megapixel camera and a front-facing camera for video chatting, selfies (natch) and using Amazon’s Mayday customer service feature. The four additional front-facing cameras will actually be low-power infrared cameras that work with other sensors and the phone’s 3D software to give you a 3D experience sans glasses. When you’re holding your phone, the cameras will track where your face and eyes are in relation to the phone’s display and will be constantly altering the position of how things appear on the screen. We need to see this STAT.

The 3D effect is definitely the biggest and baddest feature on the phone and it will be present on every aspect, from cool lock screen wallpapers that shift perspective to application icons and other elements of the interface that change view with you. BGR’s top secret spy reports that the 3D effect will be present in main applications. When looking at maps, you’ll be able to change the view of different objects on the screen. When shopping on Amazon on your phone, you’ll be able to look at three-dimensional product images from all different angles. Amazon reportedly wants to get 3rd party developers on board to help amp up other apps that will use this cool technology, too.

The new smartphone should be announced in June to be released in the fall, with other versions (the one shown above will be on the higher end of the pricing scale) to release soon after. While you’re patiently waiting to see how it compares to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, make sure you’re up on all the innovations Amazon has brought to the Internet table/our personal wish lists recently: an at-home grocery scanner, a Sriracha snap-and-order app, a media streamer to rival Apple and Roku, drone delivery.

What do you think of Amazon’s new smartphone? Would you give up your iPhone or Android to give its 3D capabilities a spin?

(Photos & h/t: BGR)