Unlike Lindsay Lohan’s 2004 hit, “Rumors” — we are *not* tired of rumors starting when it comes to the next iPhone. Like all next-version iPhones before this one, we know the latest member of the smartphone family will be bigger, better, sleeker and have a line waiting around the block for it. We sifted through the rumors and made a list of the things we know… or at least… we thinkwe know about the next iPhone.

1. There Are Two iPhones Coming: But neither will be a follow-up to the 5c. Forget Apple’s attempt at a budget buy (we’ll have the likely discontinued 4s and the discounted 5s, possibly even a $99 5c for that), the new iPhones will come in two different physical sizes. They’ll probably also have different release dates (more on that later).

2. Here’s What It Might Look Like: Oo and ah, folks — whispers of a bevel-free screen means more surface for those selfies and FaceTime that’s more like BodyTime.

3. It Has Guts: When talking processors, we’re looking at a 20-nanometer A8 chip, smaller and more energy efficient than what’s currently in the 5. Like the last upgrade in iPhone insides, the latest is rumored to include a quad-core 64 bit processor and quad-core graphics — up from the 5’s dual-core. It all sounds pretty hardcore to us. #DadJoke

4. The iPhone 6 Is Bigger: The web is pretty much in consensus about the size of the screen for the two options: 4.7 and 5.5 inches. If you just busted out a ruler, you probably figured out that 5 and a half inches is more Android-size than anything that runs iOS so far. This phablet-style (that’s phone + tablet hybrid) iPhone will probably come out the month after the smaller version.

RocketNews24 posted a 3D printed mockup of what Apple’s foray into phablets will look like (at least in terms of size) and the pix above give you a good idea of what holding that monster will look like.

5. The Screen Is Better: A few different dimensions have been bounced around, but a 1704 x 960 resolution screen is in testing. This TRIPLES the iPhone 5’s base resolution. But that’s only part of it — while you don’t hear people boast about their smartphone’s screen density all that often, that’s one of the more important factors in true iPhone awesomeness. This upgraded resolution means we’ll be looking at sharper, crisper screens thanks to more pixels per inch. Think Apple’s Retina display PLUS. (Photo: Martin Hajek)

6. A Camera Made For Insta… or Feature Films: Remember when your friend first got the 5 and you wouldn’t stop posing for pictures because you looked damn good in every one? Expect a similar jump in quality for the 6, but it may come from a different place than you’re used to. While some sources say the new phone could meet competitors’ specs at around 13 megapixels (compared to iPhone 5s’ 8), others say they will forgo increasing megapixels to focus instead on other ways (like pixel enlarging or greater light transmission) to make the image quality better.

7. iOS 8 = Great: Don’t expect any major design updates from iOS 7 to iOS 8, instead keep an eye out for updated standby apps (like Maps), additional apps (TextEdit and Preview!) and Apple’s entrance into a health-focused, possibly wearables-assisted market (see below!).

8. Healthbook Will Be Even Greater: Like we said, design in the next iOS update may stay relatively the same, but changes hope to pave the way for you to use your iPhone in ways you never have before. Or you have only done with third party apps. Namely when it comes to health monitoring, with its new app that’s Passbook meets [insert name of favorite activity tracking app], Healthbook.

9. A Summer Announcement + Release: While the standard is usually an October release after a September announcement, the 6 might get revealed in June or July and be in stores/your purse by August. We know some super Apple spies here in SF that have NOT told us this but also haven’t not told us this. Feel me? Expect to get your hands on the 4.7 inch version first, with the 5.5 inch version available the month after.

10. We Want It. Maybe this is a given. I’m currently doing the upgrade tango and am not sure which move to make next — my cracked 4S is due for an upgrade and the time is now/this month… but do I hold out for a few more months or what?! August doesn’t seem that far when you think about it…

Will you be standing in line for the iPhone 6 or do you not get the hype with new tech? Psh, maybe your iPhone 4 is puttin’ along just fine… sound off below!