Raise your hand if you’re SO over Apple rumors. Yup, us too. We love them and all but today is FINALLY the day the rumors become reality. WWDC 2014 is underway, and we’ll be updating our live blog below with all of the iScoop — a wearables/iWatch update? News about iOS 8? A first look at the true iPhone 6? Yup, we’re on it. Keep checking back here for an up-to-date recap of the event!

Let’s hear it for the boys and girls who are developers, is the rally cry from the beginning of WWDC 2014. The opening video takes a tip from the average Jo/anna and gets their thoughts on favorite apps and what they think of the developers behind them. Apple CEO Tim Cook shouts out the youngest dev wunderkind in the audience, a 13-year-old student. As Tim says, “We’re going to be seeing apps from them for a long time.” That’s all leading up to a big announcements for devs, but first…

iOS 8 Update

iOS 8 is a “giant release,” here’s what will make it awesome and make YOU want to update from iOS 7.

It builds on the current design of iOS 7 with enhancements for iPhone and iPad. There’s a refined notification center, but the really exciting part is that your notifications (those little pings that pop down from the top of your screen) are now interactive and actionable. If a text comes through while you’re in another app, you can pull down and respond to it right there.

Double tap will now feature all of your open apps AND your favorite contacts so you can call or message them right from there.

Maybe most exciting yet?! If you’ve ever been stuck in a group chat that you didn’t want to be in, there’s no need to suffer in radio silence or download an outside app to do the dirty work for you any longer. iOS 8 will let you name, add and remove threads, leave a thread when you’re done with it, apply a Do Not Disturb to a particular group message and even choose when you leave a chatty chat that you’re done with.

While in texts, tap Details in the top right corner to access these choices, and see more info about each contact (including location if you’ve allowed it). You can respond to texts with audio and video messages using the new “Tap to Talk” features and, like Snapchat, video and audio messages will self destruct so they don’t take up space on your phone.

It’s time to talk health! There may not be a wearable in sight (yet?) but HealthKit and Health will launch with iOS 8 to help you keep all of your activity and health data in one place. It will pull in info from your wearables and third party apps to create a composite profile. Apple is even working with Mayo Clinic who will automatically notify the app with your stats straight from the doctor’s office.

Up to six family members can share purchases from the iTunes store across all of your devices. Being linked up doesn’t mean your kids can ring up purchases on your card — now, when your little one wants to download a new game or your tween wants to buy music, you’ll get pinged to give them permission.

The Photos App will be better than ever featuring smart editing controls that let you edit photos at a closer-to-Photoshop-level right in the app.

Shopping in the app store just got a little more fun. Users will be able to watch short preview videos of apps before downloading and even get discounted downloads by buying app bundles. Available in the fall, TestFlight is a new program that will allow developers to invite users to beta test their apps and provide feedback for free.

OS X Updates: OS X Yosemite

40 million people have updated to OS X — have you? Here’s what’s in store for OS X next!

Apple is taking us from OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite, which features precise and consistent typography throughout and translucent windows that let you peek your background behind it or see more of what’s on the window you have open.

There’s now a “dark mode”! And a “Today” view similar to what you already enjoy on your iPhone.

There’s better synergy between your applications and an even better calendar experience with updated weekly and monthly views.

A bigger/better Spotlight that shows up right in the middle of your screen with a better preview of what you’re looking for (the above is Craig Federighi taking it for a spin and showing you what it looks like when you search for a contact).

There’s even a new trash can!

Mail is pretty cool, too. The new feature “Markup” lets you write on and edit images right in an email. If you need to sign a PDF, you’ll be able to do it right in mail without having to download it, open it in preview, e-sign it and attach it back to an email.

Apple is making your computer life, your iPhone life and your iPad life completely seamless. You’ll now be able to get your iPhone SMS messages across all of your devices. You’ll also be able to take and make phone calls on your computer using your Mac as a speakerphone.

Like this call to new Apple employee Dr. Dre.

Are you following along with the WWDC happenings? What do you hope they discuss? Share below!