How to Upgrade Your Old Jean Jacket With Fabric

Do you still have your old jean jacket from high school sitting in the back of your closet (like we do)? Or maybe you have one that is in full rotation (applause!). Either way, get your denim out — it’s time for a revamp. We’ve seen this style all over Pinterest, so we had to hack it. We’re going to add fabric to our coats to jazz them up for the change in season.


– jean jacket

– fabric

– Wonder Under


– scissors

– fabric scissors

– sewing machine

– iron


Let’s get to it.

  1. Cut out a patch of fabric. Snip a slit and a hole if you’re working around any buttons.
  2. Place your fabric on the heat bond and cut around it so the two pieces are the same shape.
  3. Following the instructions on your Wonder Under packaging, iron one side to the back of the fabric. Then peel off the paper.
  4. Place the fabric on the jacket and put the peeled paper on top. Iron for about 10 seconds or until the fabric is adhered to the denim.
  5. Sew around the edges, or leave them be if you like the frayed look.

Lay your fabric over the part of your jean jacket you want to cover. Then cut it to size. If you need to go over any buttons, cut a slit and then a small hole in the fabric.

We did a pocket and a strip along the bottom edge.

Get your Wonder Under and cut a piece that is exactly the same size as your fabric. Iron it to the back side of the fabric, making sure to follow the instructions on your packaging. Then iron your fabric to your jacket.

You can either call it a day or sew the edges of the fabric to ensure they stay in place.

We made three coats in different styles. Our first one is for a preppy look.

The second is for the ’80s lover. We even put safety pins on the edges of the fabric. Major throwback!

And the last is more boho, with lacy fabric.

Marisa is so cute rocking the classic look.

Alexis is definitely going to sneak this one out of the office.

And Kelly really tied her outfit together with this coat.

What kinds of embellishments have you made to your jean jackets? Do we hear flair? Tell us your story in the comments.