An over-the shoulder lean? An unwelcome flash? Trying to conceal the fact that you’re in a public bathroom? We’ve all been there, we’ve all taken those selfies and we’ve all shared them despite our better judgement. So why should the stars of the animal kingdom be any different?

Spotted on designboom, this incredible series is the result of a collaboration between art director Silvio Medeiros and Diomedia Stock Photos Brazil in order to promote their new collection of wildlife images for the National Geographic Collection. The tagline? There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there.

We are nothing short of in love with this campaign. As Mederios explains, “the whole idea is to show people that even during ‘selfies’ and ‘Instagram’ fever, decent images can still be produced. now that anybody has access to mobile phones with good cameras, we can all be photographers.”

We’ll cheers to that! See all the photos in this series by following @DiomediaBR on Instagram, and remember to always be ready for your closeup ;)

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