Executing a beautiful window display is an art that can be seen all year round, but never more so than during the holidays. Whether it’s at one of the big-name department stores or at that little vintage shop around the corner from your house, some businesses tend to go to extra mile in December. Anthropologie is definitely one of those companies.


The beloved Philly-based brand is sort of a pro at extravagant window and interior displays. This year the brand went above and beyond to welcome shoppers with an entire gingerbread village. The displays vary at locations all across the nation, but each stays true to this same theme. Anthro’s Display Director Erika Lavinia tells us, “We looked a lot at both European architecture as well as local architecture. Pairing the two together allowed use to showcase some really gorgeous building facades that often times also had a lovely nod to each store’s local community.”


In Portland you’ll find a village that looks like a gingerbread version of a Harry Potter set. In Princeton, the houses are tall and skinny and escalate up an elegant bridge. And in South Windsor, Connecticut, the houses have been done away with completely and replaced with a pink gingerbread VW bug.

Offering some exclusive behind-the-scenes knowledge, Erika tells us, “These windows paired basics (cardboard, joint compound and spackle) with baking (flour, sugar and cinnamon). Cardboard became cookie and spackle became frosting! Through surface treatments that utilized true baking ingredients, the basic materials were transformed into something almost real.”


If these displays have encouraged you to take your actual gingerbread house to the next level this year, Erika says that creating a sense of light coming from inside is the key to a top-notch creation. If you’re looking for some art direction to help get your project started, Erika suggests pairing the different style of buildings together to give your village more personality. Our very official Brit + Co advice is to try your very best not to lick all the frosting before you apply it to the house.

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(Photos via Anthropologie)