It was a sad day for kids of the late 鈥90s yesterday, when AOL pulled the plug on the now-obsolete messenger service AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) after 20 years. The service, which launched back in 1997, met its final demise yesterday, but not without honor. After hosting angsty lyrics in its statuses and screen names full of double entendres for so many kids growing up in a pre-Facebook era, Twitter all but lit up with tribute, with users flocking to share their own long-forgotten 鈥渟n.s.鈥

Even athletes got in on the game, with the NHL posting a video with their own shared online monikers.

Check out some of our favorites below, and chime in with your own if you鈥檙e so inclined (we鈥檙e signing off forever as shortcake232).

1. Cute and Cuddly: 鈥楥ause who can resist a penguin of any sort?

2. We鈥檙e Gelly: While gellyface008 was more likely a reference to the user鈥檚 name, it could have also doubled as a tribute to the popular gel pens of the era, no?

3. Sneaky, Sneaky: AEgirl1002 sneakily let the world know who her heart belonged to without saying a word.

4. Emo AF: This Coheed and Cambria nod is a totally fitting nod to the emo undercurrent that flowed through statuses galore in AIM鈥檚 heyday.

5. Peak Coolness: This user was perhaps at his finest when he was known as 鈥淒Fizzle12.鈥

6. XXX-Rated: 鈥13-year-old me thought he understood things,鈥 aleXXX joked of his brow-raising sn.

7. Too Hot to Handle: LusciousCherry94鈥檚 mom, on the other hand, was NOT here for her inadvertently racy sn.

8. Helpful Reminder: Loni302 never forgot her locker number, thanks to her clever AOL nod.

9. Self-Reflective: 鈥淚 wonder how many people know me as that?鈥 mused smallfeet92.

10. A Sign of the Times: We don鈥檛 know how much better we could sum up the beauty of the era than 鈥淢adsk8tress87鈥 managed to with her name.


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(Photo via Mario Tama/Getty + @aim)