When iOS 10 is in our hands this fall, a lot is going to be different. The way we message, find our cars and even donate organs is going to change. And Apple is not taking these changes lightly — they’re hoping to make a social impact when the new operating system debuts, starting with emoji.


The system switch will include 100 new emoji meant to represent a diverse population. There will be “new female athletes and professionals,” that rainbow flag emoji and new options for families, according to Apple. But, there’s one specific emoji switch that has people talking: Apple is replacing the rifle emoji with a water gun.

After gun control advocates from #DisarmTheiPhone wrote an open letter to Apple asking to remove the firearm emoji, Apple brought up the issue at a Unicode meeting. Members of the emoji control board unanimously agreed to remove the emoji. And so now, when the newest iOS comes out next month, users will find a bright green water gun where the rifle once was.

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(h/t Buzzfeed; photo via Apple)