We all have a tendency to blow those highly anticipated phone updates out of proportion. And we’re definitely guilty of calling the latest messaging and time-saving apps “life-savers.” But Apple just announced an iOS 10 feature that could actually save a life.

Woman holding a new iPhone 6 Space Gray.

When iOS 10 premieres later in the year, the Health app will have one revolutionary feature: The ability to register as an organ donor directly from your phone. By pairing up with Donate Life America, users will be able to sign up as organ, eye and tissue donors right from their phone with a few taps and some basic information. The data is then sent on to the National Donate Life Registry. It makes the current process for becoming an organ donor (either online or at the DMV) much faster and way easier.

“With the updated Health app, we’re providing education and awareness about organ donation and making it easier than ever to register,” Apple’s COO, Jeff Williams, said in a statement. “It’s a simple process that takes just a few seconds and could help save up to eight lives.”

It makes sense that Apple is passionate about this project — apparently Steve Jobs was on the list for a liver transplant and had to endure an “excruciating” wait, CEO Tim Cook said. We’re hoping that by increasing awareness and making the process simple, Apple will parlay the Health app into a feature that has the potential to become a genuine life-saver, making a real world impact.

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(h/t The Verge; photos via Getty)