Good things come to those who don鈥檛 wait. Or at least that鈥檚 our new mantra. For those who have been following the cool new features coming out on iOS 10 and chomping at the bit: Rejoice! The system is now available for public beta testing, meaning that you 鈥 yes, YOU 鈥 can finally see for yourself what everybody else will experience in the fall.

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That means that you can start testing the AMAZING new iOS features we鈥檝e only drooled over, like the super cool new messaging features (Stickers! Text size changes! Invisible ink!) and enhanced Siri commands. The lock screen is completely revamped, and so are Apple Music and News.

It鈥檚 super easy to sign up. Head over to Apple鈥檚 beta testing page and add your Apple ID. Then Apple will email you a link with the test.聽However, if you choose to download the new iOS, remember that it is still just in beta. There will聽be bugs and there will聽be changes, so don鈥檛 get too attached to a specific feature 鈥 nothing is final!

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(h/t Mashable)