It’s no secret that we’re mad about washi tape here at Brit HQ, but did you know there are tons of other decorative tapes that are just waiting to spice up your workspace? Here are 20 such examples, from the tiniest roll of caution tape we’ve ever seen to stylish stripes and polka dots.

1. Mountain Washi Tape ($9): The hills are alive… with this fun mountainous roll of tape. This would make for great gift wrap.

2. Numbering Tape ($6): How handy is this? Number bottles, clothespins, and any other items that need counting. This could also be fun for wedding favors and table cards.

3. Hinge Packing Tape ($18): Who says packing tape has to be boring and clear? Add a little personality to your packages with this silly hinge tape.

4. Neon Tape Dispenser ($12): We are pretty obsessed with everything Poppin puts out, and these bright tape dispensers are no exception.

5. Mini Crime Scene Tape ($6): Comic Sans? Never!

6. Skinny Striped Tape ($6 for 3): This trio of tape is great for decorating your table, your desk, or your notebooks.

7. Dancing Bear Masking Tape ($16): Loving the silly vibe of this dancing bear – perfect for holiday gifts and cards.

8. Vintage Camera Tape Dispenser ($24): Desk accessories don’t always need to look so boring. This analog camera tape dispenser is perfect for a rustic hipster-ish look.

9. Movie Reel Masking Tape ($19): If you’re a cinephile who loves to throw a good movie night, stock up on this tape for goodie bags, popcorn bag decoration, and the like.

10. Floral Washi Tape ($12): You might recognize this floral tape from our recent posts on how to washi your workspace and table.

11. Polka Dots ($4): From polka dot popcorn to polka dot pants, we’re totally on board with this classic pattern.

12. Snail Tape Dispenser ($12): A snail holding a roll of tape? Brilliant.

13. Lace Tape ($9): The secret about this lace tape? It’s not a lace print, it’s actually a cut-out lace pattern. See how we used it to create spray paint wall art.

14. New York Subway Tape ($16): If you’ve got a friend moving to or from New York in the near future, this tape makes for a fun gift.

15. Graffiti Eyes Tape ($6): Add googly eyes to everything!

16. Cassette Tape Dispenser ($22): Get it? Tape x tape. Analog winning.

17. Measuring Tape Dispenser ($15): Another tape pun! We love it, and need this for our DIY crafting tool belt.

18. Kraft Tape Dispenser with 10 Tape Rolls ($44): But where will you put all of this awesome tape? On this massive tape dispenser, of course.

19. Gemstone Tape ($11): For some reason, this tape makes us think of stocking up on Hematite and Tiger’s Eye rocks at Natural Wonders and the Nature Company way back when.

20. Primary Colors Vinyl Tape ($5): Last, a pop art take on tape. We’re digging the primary colors.

What cool ways have you used tape for DIY projects? Talk to us in the comments below.