We can’t even believe how fast this summer has flown by; seems like just a couple weeks ago we were working on perfecting our beach hair and making jewelry for festivals — now we’re shopping for back to school stuff! But fall is coming and with it, some of us are back to school, back to work or just back indoors to spend more time on your beloved computers. Check out these 19 free desktop wallpapers that are still clinging to these last few days of summer with cheery colors and pretty typography!

1. Graphic Tropic: Because we’re still not ready to give up our tropical drinks. (via Eine Kleine Design Studio)

2. Paper Illustration: Embrace the call of nature with this rustic wallpaper that includes a handy little calendar for the month of August. (via Johnathon Woodward Studios)

3. Lion’s Mane Colors: Calling all Leos. Enjoy these last few days of summer freedom with a lighthearted watercolor illustration and pretty hand-lettered calendar. (via Free People Blog)

4. Textured Cones: If the thought of no more ice cream makes you incredibly sad, put some of these cheery cones on your computer for some visual lick-worthy love. (via Eine Kleine Design Studio)

5. Origami Elephant: How adorable is this teeny tiny paper elephant? (via How About Orange)

6. Fall Florals: Start easing into those fall colors with this chic floral wallpaper in all those warm autumn colors we love so much. (via Lisa Rupp)

7. Collection Wallpapers: This artist creates a different photo collection every day. Here is one of vintage travel tags. (via The Fox Is Black)

8. Take a Break: It’s time to turn our thoughts from iced coffee to those fall favorites — like pumpkin lattes! (via A Pair of Pears)

9. Basic Scallops: Keep things minimal and feminine with this colorful and simple ruffled wallpaper. (via Jessica Jones Design)

10. Bold Bloom: This bright splash of color is available with or without an August calendar, just in case you decided you don’t want to part with it in a month. (via Always Mod)

11. Get Creative: We’re always inspired by fellow makers and this bold, hand drawn illustration is absolutely fabulous. (via Mary Kate McDevitt)

12. Vintage Illustrations: This collection of wallpapers was taken from an actual traffic manual printed by the London Ministry of Transport in 1954. (via Maraid Design)

13. Farmhand Chic: Get your country on with these hand drawn birds. (via Colagene)

14. Travel Photography: How pretty are the hints of orange in Central Park this time of year. (via Paper Ban)

15. Fashionable Fall: For all you fashionistas, here is the perfect wallpaper for you, complete with colors that can start in summer and end in fall. (via Colagene)

16. Julie Song Illustrations: We love how the pretty floral border won’t disrupt all the files we have saved on our desktops. (via Design Love Fest)

17. Travel Fever: Something about the days getting cooler makes us want to start watching old black and white movies. (via Lovely Indeed)

18. Gray Waters: That little seahorse is just too cute. (via Olive and Lavender)

19. Blue Bird: We appreciate how this bluebird is trying to make us oh-so productive with a convenient calendar. (via Gennine’s Art Blog)

What do you look for in a desktop wallpaper? Lots of bright patterns or just a calendar? Talk to us in the comments below!