Is your Instagram feed getting a little tired? Consider adding a little design to your social (media) life in the form of gorgeous typography. From full-on fonts to hand-drawn sketches, these 12 typographers’ Instagram feeds will keep any letter-lover scrolling for days. Just a warning: They may make you want to put letters on EVERYTHING.

1. Victoria Rushton: Get ready for some voluptuous scripts and handwritten goodies. She’ll definitely make you want to revisit your signature, stat. (via victoriaalissia)

2. Matthew Tapia: Based out of Hawaii, this lettering master shares a lot of his own behind-the-scenes sketches in addition to killer vintage signage in paradise. (via matthewtapia)

3. Louise Fili: Her roots are in book jacket design, but since 1989, Fili has specialized in restaurant and package design from her own studio. You’ll love her eye for finding quirky, modern signage everywhere she goes. (via louisefili)

4. Jordan Metcalf: From intricate scripts to blocky sans serifs, all of Metcalf’s work has an air of drama to it. They’re the kind of letters you just get lost in. (via jordan_metcalf)

5. Mike Perry: First of all, he designed the title card for Broad City, which — even if he did nothing else — puts him on our “cool” radar. His entire feed is full of poppy color palettes, and his super fun illustration style is one that we just can’t get enough of. (via mikeperrystudio)

6. Erik Marinovich: Scrolling through his feed, you’ll think that the days of hand-painted signage never left. Marinovich puts soul into all his letters and it shows in every serif, crossbar and finial. (via erikmarinovich)

7. Jessica Hische: You may recognize her work from the delightfully spiraled script titles in Moonrise Kingdom or the covers of Penguin’s Drop Caps series. And there’s plenty more where that came from. Follow along so you don’t miss it! (via jessicahische)

8. Martina Flor: All the way from Berlin, Flor’s feed is full of typeface goodies (of the graphic and baked goods variety). She did some branding work for FontShop’s 25 Year Anniversary, and we have to say that we’ve never seen numbers look so sexy. (via martinaflor)

9. Kyle Read: It’s all about the little things. Read takes images of single swoon-worthy letters that he finds on anything from sidewalks to neon signs. He even posts type treasures (like this one) of his own from time to time. (via kyleread)

10. Jackson Alves: If you needed more motivation to learn calligraphy, look no further than this feed. These are the kind of letters that will make your heart melt. (via jackdzn)

11. Keith Tatum: Talk about throwback. This letter master takes his style from great vintage packaging finds and shares photos of his own work and type discoveries. (via thetypehunter)

12. Dave Foster: Foster’s work is a practice in classiness. His letters look like they deserve bow ties, and his feed is full of similar inspiration he finds in signage around his home in Sydney, Australia. (via fostertype)

Think fast: Serif or a sans serif? Let us in on your deep love for font types in the comments… or on Instagram!