If you’re prepping for a day at the beach in every way (Sun screen, check! Towel, check!), don’t forget you have some serious decisions to make about your hair. While sun, sand and wind can add luster and waves to your locks, it can also stress out your tresses in the form of frizz and knots. Finding the balance between getting that perfectly tousled look without damaging your mane is what all girls should strive for, and that means unless you have mermaid genes, a little prep and TLC is in order to make your hair beach-ready. So use this post as your beach beauty guide for tips and styles that protect your ‘do so you can have THE most fun in the sun.

1. Pin Up Your Hair in a Ponytail: If a pool party is on your weekend agenda, grab a colorful scarf and effortlessly wrap it throughout a messy, high pony for a gorgeous pool-side ‘do. Be sure to have a few bobby pins handy to secure random strands of hair from your pony ail to the top of your head, maximizing that messy, sexy beach vibe. (via The Zoe Report)

2. Have Tools to Fight Frizz at the Ready: You’re at the beach, so of course you’re going to swim, right!? Don’t let the thought of messy, tangled hair stop you from splashing around. Yes, the thought of emerging with Medusa-styled locks is frightening but there’s a fix for that! Curly haired gals, pack a wide-toothed comb to detangle, then pile hair into a bun until it dries. For ladies with straight hair, tame frizz with a styling cream and secure with a beachy braid. (via Good Housekeeping)

3. Go on a Braiding Bonanza: For girls with bountiful strands of hair, this twist on the high bun makes for the perfect beach hair fix. Look stylish, keep hair from snarling and maintain this eye-catching beach braid for days. Heck it just may last your entire vacay! (via Brit + Co)

4. Wrap It Up: A hair wrap might be the perfect beach hair accessory ever. It protects and tucks away tresses from windswept snarls, all while staying stylish. Twist and tie this printed turban-style wrap ($24) any-which-way that works for your hair.

5. Keep Up With the Conditioner: Prep your hair for summer heat by keeping it conditioned, strong and hydrated all season long. But why buy when you can DIY? Natural ingredients like avocado and coconut milk counterbalance the negative effects that sun, salt and wind may have on your hair. (via Curly Nikki)

6. Make Some Pre-Shore Waves: Ocean-kissed waves are a summertime essential, and thankfully, with a little prep you can get gorgeous, crimped locks right from the shower. Arm yourself with a wooden ion brush to smooth away frizz, and use this tool to set your waves for the day! (via Beauty Bets)

7. Know Hacks for Your Hair Color: Don’t leave the heat of the beach or poolside with a head of hair that takes on a Shrek-like hue! For blondes, brunettes and redheads alike, follow these easy DIY fixes to ensure your hair stays vibrantly natural-toned. (via Fitness)

8. Pack a Hat: Throw on a floppy beach hat ($26) for the ultimate leisure look. Not only will you look effortlessly stylish but you will protect your face and hair from harmful UV rays. Win-win!

9. Skip Styling Agents Altogether: Say what!? That’s right don’t try to tame your hair, embrace the messy look and go au natural! If you have oily or flat hair, use a sea salt mist or forego shampooing for a few days. Or if dry hair is dragging you down, condition the ends or your full head of hair with coconut oil for added moisture. Bonus: You’ll save space in your beach tote by ditching the hairspray, gel and other styling agents! (via My Curly Mane)

Okay beach beauties, spill your secrets on how you get the perfect beach coif in the comments below. We want to know all your summer hair trick + tips!