Alright people, it’s time to bring your beloved succulents indoors. Along with our fall faves (pumpkin spice lattes, cozy knit blankets, holiday decorating) comes that brisk autumn weather. Transition your potted plants on the patio to a nice spot inside for winter, or refresh your space before the cold weather hits with a few durable houseplants. When you’re spending a lot more time indoors, a mix of beautiful, cheery plants are just the thing to brighten up your decor. Check out these 10 winter-worthy, low-light plants below to update your space for the season.

1. Red Shamrock Plant: This colorful beauty thrives in mild temperatures with medium or low light, making it perfect for a cozy spot in your dining room or bedroom. (via Fresh American Style)

2. The ZZ Plant: If you don’t know a thing about taking care of plants, consider this lovely fellow. The ZZ plant can survive months of neglect and still look dashing, plus it only requires moderate, indirect light and minimal watering, similar to a cactus. (via Crab+Fish)

3. Succulents: Ensure your succulents will survive the winter by placing them in the right spot inside. Succulents are another great option to add to your mix of houseplants if you don’t have any, but keep in mind new ones will not grow as fast as they would in the summer. Find a spot with maximum light (three or four hours of sunlight is best) but not too close to a drafty window edge. We are totally digging the simple copper pots with these beauties. (via Julia Kostreva)

4. African Violets: Get the gorgeous color of spring flowers with this winter-blooming plant. This option likes mild temperatures and filtered or indirect light, so ideally not in a window that has direct sunlight. Put ’em on the dining or coffee table in some fun + modern DIY pots. (via A Garden for the House)

5. Snake Plant: A popular choice for modern spaces, the snake plant only requires low light to survive. This makes it a great plant for the long, dark days of winter ahead. (via Front + Main)

6. Mums: Say hello to the quintessential fall flower; this vibrant plant appears everywhere when the crisp autumn air arrives. Bring a little bit of the colorful fall foliage and scenery inside with a potted version of this cute flower. (via Gardening Know-How)

7. Peace Lily: With regular misting and a moderate amount of daylight, the peace lily is a hardy plant that will survive the cold weather. Plus, it has air purifying qualities. Place it on a mantel or bookshelf to make it really shine. (via Nous Decor)

8. Herbs: Enjoy the benefits of kitchen herbs throughout fall and winter. Most herbs only require our to six hours of light per day and will make a savory addition to your bacon and eggs. (via Homedit)

9. Lemon Cypress: Along with the red poinsettia, these little trees are a holiday classic. Decorate a pair with harvest-themed planters for fall, red ribbons for the holidays or simple white pots like this for throughout winter. A potted cypress will do best near a window, since it likes cooler temperatures and about three to five hours of direct light. (via In My Own Style)

10. Bromeliad: This bright, sculptural plant gives off a distinctly tropical vibe, providing some island vacation inspiration while you’re stuck indoors. Surprisingly, bromeliads thrive with low light, minimal watering and dry air. Sounds like the perfect winter plant to us! (via Hanlon Studios)

What’s your favorite indoor houseplant for colder weather? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!