14 of the Most Colorful House Plants That Are Hard to Kill
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14 of the Most Colorful House Plants That Are Hard to Kill

Nothing adds a splash of color to the home like fresh flowers, especially when you don’t have a back yard or garden of your own. But if you’re looking for something more permanent than a bouquet, it’s time to explore the world of house plants. We’ve had a look at the many green plants you can add that will clean the air and brighten up the space, but now we’re thinking about colorful blossoms you can grow in your own home (or on your front porch). Best of all, none of the plants in this list require much sunlight, making them perfect additions even to a shaded space.

1. Succulents: While full shade isn’t the best for these plants (they are from the desert, after all), sometimes direct sunlight isn’t either. Play around with different varieties in your home to find the perfect mix. (via Gardenista)

2. Violas: A large plant family containing 500 species, these beauties normally pop up in the spring, but if you grow them in a cool, shaded area they should delay until summer. Try planting some in a window box or porch planter. (via Reader’s Digest)

3. Phalaenopsis Orchid: Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb, ’cause these plants are tough to kill. Low to medium light, warm temperatures and minimal watering will get you months of pretty petals. (via New House New Home New Life)

4. Kalanchoe: Not much effort is needed for these pretty little flowers. That’s because it’s actually a succulent that can survive in either full sun or partial shade. (via Good Housekeeping)

5. Oxalis Purple Clover: Get the right balance of light and temperature to produce these royal purple leaves with a unique shamrock shape. Medium light near a window should give you the best and brightest leaves. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Begonias: Got a little apartment balcony in need of some life? A hanging basket of these favorite flowers will produce the most blooms, or you could put a planter by the window for just the right amount of sun. (via Longfield Gardens)

7. Amethyst Flower: This is another good one for a hanging basket in a warm, shaded area. (via Sunset)

8. Chamomile: It may be a sunny shade of yellow, but this herb only needs moderate light. Bonus: The scent keeps pests away. Ahhhh, we feel calmer already. (via Gardening Know How and She Who Eats)

9. Geranium Cranesbill: This plant works both indoors and outdoors, as long as it’s got light shade and a bit of sun. (via Sunset)

10. Fuchsia: Yup, this is where the name of the vibrant color comes from. Their blooms hang down, making them ideal for baskets, and they don’t like too much sunshine. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

11. Persian Shield: Add a bit of shrubbery to the house without sacrificing on color. Lots of shade combined with heat and humidity will be best for these quilted purple leaves. (via Lowe’s)

12. Peace Lily: They’re serene and easy to care for, so it’s easy to see why this is a popular flowering house plant. But if you have kids or pets, beware: This lily doesn’t always come in peace… it’s actually poisonous. (via Pro Plants)

13. Garlic and Chives: Seriously. Not only are they stink-free while they grow, they also get these gorgeous purplish blossoms. Grow year-round in an indoor pot to keep vampires away. (via House Beautiful and Nutmeg Disrupted)

14. Christmas Cactus: Okay, if you really think you’re too hopeless to care for a house plant, don’t throw in the towel until you try caring for a cactus. Especially this one, which blooms around the holidays. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Got a favorite flowering house plant? Share your picks in the comments.