There is no shortage of beauty tutorials on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for a great DIY project for your new apartment or seeking to nail the strobing trend, these star vloggers are abundant and insanely knowledgable. Now that we’re getting into that back-to-school flow and hitting snooze a few more times than normal, we’re betting your beauty rest might take precedent over applying that last coat of mascara. Scroll on for those quick and easy tips to get you to class in a jiffy.

1. Simple, Everyday Makeup Tutorial: This tutorial will show you how to create flawless skin without looking cakey. With only a bit of black eyeliner and mascara, this look lets your skin be center stage. (via LizLizLive)

2. Everyday Makeup Tutorial: At this point, Desi is basically a household name. Rock this look if you’re looking for a bit more of a full face, but don’t want to leave people wondering why you’ve contoured like a Kardashian for homeroom. (via Desi Perkins)

3. Glow Back to School: Sinead’s tutorials are incredibly simple, but pack a huge punch. No matter what makeup style you’re looking for, she’s got one for you. This Irish YouTuber is bringing you a glowing back-to-school tutorial that falls shy of strobing, but will still give you a beautiful inner glow. (via The Makeup Chair)

4. Quick & Easy Back-To-School Makeup Tutorial: If you’re even somewhat familiar with the YouTube beauty community, you’ve seen Jaclyn Hill. The stunning makeup artist just released a gorgeous highlighter in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, so you know she’s got major talent. Her back-to-school tutorial will allow you to emphasize all your best features without going overboard for a daytime look. (via Jaclyn Hill)

5. Back-To-School Makeup Tutorial: Sisters Samantha and Nicola are the minds behind the brushes, and they are here to teach you all their skills. Their back-to-school look is easy, simple and perfect for the lady on the go. (via Pixiwoo)

6. Easy, Pretty + High School/College Makeup Tutorial: Calling Lisa Eldridge a YouTube beauty guru is an understatement — this talented lady is also the creative director for Lancome. Despite her uber success, the insanely talented makeup artist is still posting tutorials to the social media platform. (via Lisa Eldridge)

7. How NOT to Wear Makeup: The ladies over at Eleventh Gorgeous have a different type tutorial for you. Take a peek at all the makeup styles you should skip on your first day back at school. (via Eleventh Gorgeous)

8. First Day of School Statement Makeup/Hair: The ever lovely and bubbly Lauren Curtis has a great tutorial for you on how to make a statement while you’re lugging your backpack around. The Australian YouTuber is here to help you play up your favorite features. (via Lauren Curtis)

9. Fresh + Pretty Drugstore Makeup for School: Fun fact: Tanya Burr used to be one of the models for the ladies over at PixiWoo. Now she’s got her own equally fantastic channel, complete with guest spots from other famous YouTubers, like Zoella. Here, Burr uses drugstore products to create a simple and pretty look that won’t cost you a fortune! (via Tanya Burr)

10. Bubbly Back to School: Would this be a post about YouTube beauty if Michelle Phan wasn’t included? The OG beauty guru is a pro, and she’s got some incredible tips on how to keep your makeup look fresh, yet gorgeous. (via Michelle Phan)

What are you best beauty tips for back-to-school? Let us know in the comments below!