YouTube is way more than just a place to watch funny cat videos — it’s also the place to spot the newest celebrities. YouTubers are branching out from computer screens around the world and showing their faces on the covers of magazines, publishing books, starting beauty lines and playing some serious music gigs. Are you inspired to take over the world and make it big with your very own YouTube channel? Check out our top picks for YouTubers you’ve got to subscribe to for inspo.

For DIYers

1. LaurDIY: Want some inspiration for your everyday thinking? Turn to Lauren Riihimaki — aka guru and lover of all things glittery — for mini films on design, fashion and food, plus tutorials that span the gamut from DIY kimonos to Halloween costumes.

2. Bethany Mota: This fashionista rose to fame via her haul videos, showcasing her latest fashion finds, as well as hair, makeup and DIY project tutorials — basically everything that we love.

3. A Fab Life: If you want to live la dolce vita, tune in for lessons on finding the perfect pump, perfecting your hostess skills or home makeover and organization hacks that will up the ante on the fabulousness in your life.

4. Mr. Kate: This DIY diva’s quirky and out-of-the-box style is all about helping viewers discover their own unique style. A must-watch lifestyle YouTuber, Mr. Kate focuses on the important things in life: style, decor and beauty.

5. Oh Joy: Designer, blogger and author Joy Cho entices the world with how-to lifestyle videos focusing on design, fashion, food and joyful moments from everyday life.

For Foodies

6. Sorted Food: These lads take your input to create delicious and (as they call it), sexy food. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, Sorted Food is packed with recipe vids for quick, simple and must-try eats. If witty banter and fun are your style, then welcome these mates into your kitchen.

7. Rosanna Pansino: If you geek out over cooking, then Rosanna Pansino’s channel is where it’s at. Inspired by her grandmother, Pansino’s passion for baking evolved into her nerd-themed baking show featuring nerdy nummies, resembling characters from video games, T.V. shows, books and films.


: Mysterious and deceptively simple, this YouTube cooking show is hosted by a poodle named Francis and an anonymous Japanese Chef. Filled with useful

, like how to cut bunny ears out of an apple or how to turn a vienna sausage into an octopus, Cooking with Dog won’t fail to delight.

9. MyHarto: 27-year-old Hannah “Harto” Hart will have you laughing aloud with her comedy/cooking series, “My Drunk Kitchen.” Filled with witty puns, catchphrases and jump-cut editing, cheer on Harto as she attempts to cook or bake while imbibing large quantities of alcohol.

10. Mamrie Hart: Need a drink? Mixology has never been so darn funny than with Mamrie Hart’s weekly show, “You Deserve a Drink.” Making cocktails is the name of the game and each episode presents a unique cocktail in honor of a celebrity or fellow YouTuber in need of a drink.

For Globetrotters

11. Hey Nadine: Wanderlust got your tongue? If one of your 2015 resolutions is to travel more, Hey Nadine is filled with short flicks, travel info, inspo and tips. Watch one of her vids and you’ll be ready to go on your own adventure.

12. Hopscotch The Globe: Travel junkies unite with adventure-travel vlogger Kristen Sarah. Connect with this super-dedicated travel YouTuber as she fills us in on epic adventures and heaps of advice.

13. JacksGap: Have you ever dreamt of driving across India in a tuk tuk? Live vicariously through Jack and Finn as they make amazing and uber-creative videos of their worldly experiences.

For Keeping Cute

14. Cutepolish: From nail art hobbiest to YouTube sensation, Sandi Ball creates nail art tutorials to show girls all over the world just how fun and easy nail art can be. From glitter to emojis and sideways French mani’s, Cutepolish is your go-to nail art channel.

15. Michelle Phan: Known for showing everyone how to be their very own makeup artist, Michelle’s YouTube channel is filled with tutorials, trend reports and DIYs. She’s so good, she even launched a makeup line and published a book.

16. Ingrid Nilson: This YouTuber started recording videos as a way to overcome shyness and overcome she did. Now a glambassador for CoverGirl, Ingrid Nilson, aka Miss Glamorazzi, gives us all things beauty, fashion and even healthy food ideas. Don’t miss her haul vids or her start-to-finish looks, including skincare, makeup, hair and outfit ideas.

17. Zoella: Tune in to fashion and beauty vlogger Zoella, who is now an international celebrity and best-selling author. A self-confessed beauty and fashion junkie, she shares her beauty favorites, tips and tutorials, along with a glimpse into her daily life.

For Gigglers

18. Grace Helbig: She may have started on YouTube, but she’s now a comedian, actress and author. Critics are even calling Grace Helbig the next Ellen.

19. Miranda Sings: We’re huge fans of Colleen Ballinger and her sensational Internet character, Miranda Sings. If you’re into comically talentless music videos, Miranda Sings is sure to keep you entertained. Her “tutorials,” discussions on current events and dramatic readings of hate mail directed at her character will have you LOLing in seconds.

20. Grav3yard Girl: She’s loud, she’s funny and a little out there, but Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer, aka Grav3yard Girl, is a vlogging sensation. She began her YouTube career making videos about ghost hunting and paranormal activity, and later transitioned to make-up and fashion tutorials. Don’t miss her “Does This Thing Really Work?” series, where she tests out gimmicky, as-seen-on-TV products.

21. Paul Gale: Need a dose of funny? Tune into sketch-comedian Paul Gale and get a laugh (or ten) in his short comedies about everything from dating to technology and life.

22. ||Superwoman||: Canadian Lilly Singh uses her Indian culture as major inspiration for her videos and satirical takes on everyday life. After gaining popularity as an international YouTuber, Singh has become a motivational speaker, comedian and dabbler in rapping and film acting.

For Fitness Junkies


: This girl has got all the fitness you need and more to really

. Upbeat, Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor, creator of POP Pilates and a designer. A few years back, she quit her job and started sharing her pilates routines, dance workouts and super healthy recipes via YouTube. Whether you’re a pilates newbie or a seasoned pro, follow her advice to stay in shape.

24. XHIT Daily: Get fit fast with XHIT’s daily workout routines, training sessions, challenges and awesome tips on how to achieve your ideal body, all with a healthy dose of motivation.

Which YouTubers have your attention? Fill us in on your faves in the comments below.