While your days of scooping up fancy sets of colored pencils and rad Lisa Frank supplies may be in the past (or not), you鈥檙e never too old to update your tech swag. We鈥檙e not just talking the latest gadgets and doodads; a girlboss-approved work bag or sleek leather portfolio for your tablet can speak volumes in the boardroom as well as the lecture hall. Just think of the conversations you鈥檒l start:鈥淲here鈥檇 you get your fly ice cream phone case?鈥 Say no more: We鈥檝e found 24 snazzy tech accessories that will make back-to-school shopping a cinch for all you self-proclaimed busy girls.


1. Society6 Laptop Sleeve 13鈥 ($36): This 鈥90s-style laptop sleeve with a funky abstract print not only gives off serious Saved by the Bell vibes, but it鈥檒l be a hit in class. Bonus points if you coordinate it with your favorite denim patchwork jacket and retro Converse kicks.


2. Poketo Minimalist Folio Large ($58): We can鈥檛 stop staring. This blush pink leather portfolio, perfect for both fellow art lovers and design babes alike, is a minimalist鈥檚 dream. This sleek carrier is large enough to tote around projects, papers, your iPhone and a laptop. Basically all the essentials (and then some) for a Friday spent working remotely at your favorite coffee shop or in your dorm room.


3. Lolli Swim Sprinkly Snack iPhone 6 & 6s Case ($29): Con you even show your face at school if you don鈥檛 have an iPhone case inspired by your favorite breakfast pastry? Decked out with confetti sprinkles, this pop-tart-inspired case is just the thing for students with a sweet tooth.


4. Ban.do Sticker iPhone 6 & 6s Case ($26): Adulting is finding a customizable iPhone case that can be curated to your #MOTD (mood of the day). Complete with rad stickers (!), this ban.do case allows you to express your love for ice cream, pizza and fries all in the same afternoon.


5. Ban.do The Power Trip Florabunda ($32): So much YAS. This floral wall plug and car charger set gives new meaning to the phrase 鈥減lug in and go.鈥 We hate to be that millennial, but just think how stress-free it鈥檒l be to always have a power pack within reach.


6. Charlotte Olympia Feline iPhone 6 Case ($292): When tech meets high fashion, this Charlotte Olympia feline iPhone case is the way chic result. The gold chain makes it a shoo-in for a much-needed night out or even the first week of BTS (鈥榗ause you鈥檙e a trendsetter like that). DO pair it with your matching kitty flats for instant style cred wherever you go.


7. Free People Printed Earbuds ($20): Whether you鈥檙e working out, in the study zone or blocking out loud construction during your morning commute, a pair of these tie-dye earbuds will add some zest to your look. We鈥檒l take three pairs, please.


8. Clare Vivier iPad Mini Notebook Sleeve ($150): Make things officially official with this striped monogrammable iPad case that鈥檚 fancy AF. Between group project sessions and internship meetings, this notebook sleeve is guaranteed to make a lasting first impression.


9. Sonix Evil Eye Pick Me Up Portable Charger ($45): We think we can all agree that there鈥檚 nothing worse than having your phone die on you during a call or text. Keep a case of the 鈥渓ow battery life鈥 scares at bay with this glam portable charger that packs an additional 16 hours of battery life.


10. Anthropologie Idiom iPhone 6 Case ($30): Add some sass to your schoolin鈥 with one of these idiom cases that will take any seminar by storm. Whether you鈥檙e an English major or a grammar queen, you鈥檒l never run out of excuses to whip out your tongue-in-cheek iPhone case.


11. Corners4 iPhone 6/6 Plus Corners ($43): Because a heavy-duty iPhone case isn鈥檛 enough to keep your phone out of harm鈥檚 way, these gold clip-on rods are to the rescue. You鈥檒l never have to worry about a pesky scratch or scuff again. Why didn鈥檛 we think of this sooner?!


12. Free People Leather Keychain iPhone Charger ($26): Calling all girls on the go! This leather tassel not only doubles as a stylish keychain, but it鈥檚 also an iPhone charger with a portable USB cord. Can you say genius?


13. Cuyana Leather Laptop Sleeve ($125): Whether you鈥檙e just heading down the hall to study with a friend or trekking across campus to the library, this sophisticated laptop sleeve is sure to keep your computer safe and sound. Pssst: Play your cards right and it can even serve as a going-out clutch once happy hour rolls around.


14. Lulu Guinness Lipstick iPhone 6 Case ($56): Whether you鈥檙e interning in the beauty industry or swear by a signature red pout, you straight-up need this lipstick phone case in your life. Period.


15. Marc Jacobs Mixed Daisy 13鈥 Commuter Case ($130): See ya later, plain black laptop sleeve! Make a splash on the first day of your new big-girl job with this playful daisy-printed commuter case that won鈥檛 go unnoticed by the higher-ups. The hands-free detachable strap will be a godsend during spontaneous coffee runs and back-to-back-to-back classes.


16. Poketo Minimalist Office Bag ($94): Satisfy all your office needs with this streamlined bag that fits all your tech gadgets of choice. Give the world the impression that you have it all together 鈥 even if organized chaos is normally your jam. Major bonus: It even includes an exterior pocket for all your other random odds and ends (read: gel pens and spare USB cords).


17. Buqu Pi帽a Pineapple USB Power Bank ($30): Why yes, that is a pineapple USB power bank that clips on to all your backpacks and totes with ease. It doesn鈥檛 matter if you鈥檙e stuck in five o鈥檆lock traffic or workin鈥 away at the beach (Labor Day weekend, y鈥檃ll!) 鈥 this battery bank is the secret weapon in disguise you didn鈥檛 even know you needed.


18. Herschel Supply Co. Anchor Sleeve iPad Mini in Popsicle Pink ($30): Tech-savvy girls, unite! You can officially fuel your ice cream obsession with this popsicle print iPad mini sleeve that鈥檚 anything but blas茅 and corporate. It鈥檚 lined with fleece to ensure around-the-clock protection, even when you鈥檙e a walking zombie after cramming for exams. Phew!


19. Forever 21 Ankit Rainbow USB Wall Charger ($5): If it鈥檚 rainbow, we want it! Don鈥檛 underestimate the power of this prismatic USB wall charger that promises to keep all your devices charged. It would behoove you to keep one on standby (in your satchel, desk and cubicle) at all times.


20. Sonix Rose Bud Earbuds ($50): We can鈥檛 decide what we love more: the tangle-free nylon cable or the pink envelope-style pouch. A fancy-schmancy set of earbuds is non-negotiable for the #girlboss intern with places to go and people to see. That rose gold plating is everything.


21. Kate Spade 13鈥 Neoprene Laptop Sleeve ($75): Channel gettin鈥-things-done vibes even on a mundane Monday with this cheeky 鈥渨histle while you work鈥 laptop sleeve. Who wouldn鈥檛 want to make this their new mantra?


22. MochiThings Large La Chance Passe Smartphone Wallet ($48): Store ALL the things with this versatile wallet that鈥檚 made to fit your cards, dolla bills and smartphone. A built-in earphone opening makes jamming out to your favorite tunes (while simultaneously being stuck on the subway) a cinch.


23. This Is Ground Cord Taco 3 Pack ($29): The last thing you need to deal with during your morning commute is a slew of twisted earbuds and charging cables. That鈥檚 where these stylish leather cord tacos come in. Toss 鈥榚m in your tote and keep 鈥榚m at your desk the next time a tech snafu hits.


24. Disk Cactus Emoji Keyboard Cover + Software ($25): The moment you鈥檝e been waiting for has arrived. Thanks to this silicon emoji keyboard, complete with custom software, you can secretly (or not-so-secretly) spam your friends with emoji-filled emails. This *could* be dangerous.

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