Sorority girls, 21-year-olds, quantified selfers, and all casual boozers may now rejoice: there’s a new high-tech way to track your level of drunkenness that is far cooler than anything before. This 2.0 version of the breathalyzer is called BACtrack and offers you an affordable, mobile-friendly, and highly reliable way to measure your alcohol levels and drink responsibly.

The BACtrack is the world’s first alcohol-monitoring device to combine fuel cell sensor technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and app-enabled features that work on your smartphone so that you can quickly and easily check your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), as well as track and share results. Share? Yes, share. You know, because you’ve always wanted to Facebook or tweet out exactly how drunk you were. (Side note: we think frat boys will flock to this.) Sharing can also be kept private and is a great way to let your close friends or family know you may need a ride home once you pass a certain level.

On the safety side, we love this device as it helps boozers avoid the dangerous consequences of drinking and driving. On the everyday side, we think it’s a hilarious and novel way to make parties and bars more interesting, especially since you can upload photos while you’re drinking that will visually correspond with how drunk you are. Amazing.

The messaging factor is pretty awesome, too. As you drink throughout the night, the BACtrack will send you messages like “You are now visibly intoxicated,” meaning you might want to lay off that 5th drink unless you want to be sleeping with your toilet tonight. (How cool would it be if you could program your own messages to display once you were drunk?)

Better yet, the app can even estimate the precise time you will become sober! What!? Definitely make sure to push off all important decisions until sobriety time rolls around.

Now, let’s be honest. This thing is kind of pricey at $149.99, especially considering you can get normal breathalyzers for $15-$50. However, the BACtrack team says that those devices are seriously inaccurate and break after a few blows. Theirs, they say, is the same quality as police officers use and will endure for a very long time.

All in all, we think it’s a no brainer to try one of these. If you can’t stomach the cost, it would be worth giving as part of a group gift with a few close friends. We think it would make for an exceptionally awesome gift for high school grads, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, Over the Hill parties, 21st birthdays, and more. Safety first, responsibility second, hilarity last.

Would you try the BACtrack? How else do you measure your intoxication (other than the obvious)? Spill your guts down below.