By now, you’re probably a pro at making all of the breads , from loaves laced with beer to cinnamon buns . Now we’re here with a new challenge: Bagels. We’ve rounded up 13 terrific recipes for the well-loved breakfast staple. Whether you keep things classic with New York style or prefer a more worldly or seasonal variety, we have you covered. For bonus points, whip up a batch of flavored butter to spread atop your creations!

1. Plain Bagels : What a terrific jumping off point into the world of bagel making. You can’t go wrong with a plain bagel. Instructions for making a couple variations, including sourdough and onion cheese, are also included. (via Thibeault’s Table )

2. No Knead Apple Pie Bagels : Wow, these bagels are not only laced with pie spice and dotted with apple chunks but are also topped with a sprinkle of streusel. (via Bakeaholic Mama )

3. New York Style Blueberry Bagels : Simply stunning. These blueberry bagels are sure to be loved by everyone, even bagel purists. We’re looking at you, Harry from Sex and the City . (via Heather’s French Press )

4. Honey Roasted Sweet Potato Bagels : Looking for a lighter-textured, slightly sweeter bagel? This is the only recipe you’ll need. (via The Moon Blush Baker )

5. Beet Bagels with Whipped Blue Cheese : The combination of beet bagels with a whipped blue-cheese cream cheese (say that three times fast) sounds amazing. We’re adding this to our beet-recipes -to-make list, stat. (via Club Narwhal )

6. Momofuku Milk Bar Bagel Bombs : On first glance, these little bagels look totally unassuming, right? Once you bite ’em, though, you’ll reveal a surprise inside — bacon-scallion-cream-cheese stuffing. (via Hummingbird High )

7. Montreal Bagels : Smaller and sweeter than their New York counterparts, Montreal-style bagels are an essential part of a well-balanced bagel making repertoire. (via My Second Breakfast )

8. Grilled Banana Maui Bagels : What a sunny way to start the day. Toasted bagels are slicked with a combo of nut butters then topped with pan-grilled coconut and orange-zest-sprinkled bananas reminiscent of Bananas Foster without all the sugar and booze. (via Healthy. Happy. Life. )

9. Seeded or Cheddar Jalapeño Bagels (Gluten Free) : Not one, but two recipes for making fabulous gluten-free bagels at home. (via Salt and Serenity )

10. Pumpkin Pie Bagels : When you can’t wait for you local bagel shop’s release of fall’s seasonal flavors, reach for this recipe for pumpkin-y bagels. (via Seasons and Suppers )

11. Simit : The Turkish answer to bagels, sesame seeds lend a nutty crunch to the exterior while hidden within is a soft interior — a delightful contrast in texture. (via Ozlem’s Turkish Table )

12. Everything Bagel Slider Buns : These bagel slider buns are everything. Pretzel and brioche buns , you’re officially on notice. (via Half Baked Harvest )

13. Baked Garlic, Herb and Parmesan Bagel Chips : Transform any stale bagels into a delicious snack with this recipe for flavor-packed bagel chips. (via Best Recipe Box )

What’s your favorite bagel style? Flavor? Let’s talk carbs in the comments below!