Baklava is one of those blessed treats that is so sweet and sticky it practically demands that its eaters be willing to lick their fingers. We’re on board. Around here, we’re big on pistachios and walnuts and honey — we’ve even been known to fool around with phyllo. But since we’re guessing your local Greek eatery has a version of baklava that pleases you, we’re bringing these flavors to the next level. Baklava ice cream, anyone?

1. The Fastest Baklava Ever: You’re home alone. It’s late. The falafel shop is closed. But the inimitable urge to put baklava into your mouth as soon as possible just won’t quit. What to do? Whip up a (double) batch of this recipe. It’s The Fastest Baklava Ever. (via Aliya Lee Kong)

2. Baklava Style Walnut Butter: Spreadable baklava. Yes. Please. Do want. (via The Healthy Foodie)

3. Frozen Baklava: Because store-bought ice cream sandwiches are for the uninformed. (via Dani Venn)

4. Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Baklava: It’s like chocolate-chip cookie and baklava fell in love and had a baby. Let’s name him Mine. (via Half Baked Harvest)

5. Baklava Cake: Are you swooning? We’re swooning. (via Adventures in Cooking)

6. Baklava Figs: We love the simplicity and elegance of these baklava-stuffed figs. Now leave them here on the table and go away. (via Cook Almost Anything)

7. Baklava Doughnuts: Real life. (via Naturally Ella)

8. Baklava Oatmeal: Because breakfast is the second most important thing — after family. (via Girl Makes Food)

9. New England-Inspired Maple-Pecan Baklava: With a click or two of the heels — and a mouthful of this New England-style treat — you’ll know there’s no place like home. (via Bakeaholic Mama)

10. Baklava Cheesecake: Baklava cheesecake. Because ordinary cherry cheesecake is so bourgeois. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

11. Baklava Cupcakes: We’ll take our baklava enveloped in cake, please. Yes, just like that. Exactly like that. (via Oishii Treats)

12. Baklava Stuffed Apples: Look, Mom! No gluten! (via Running To The Kitchen)

13. Baklava Crisps: CRUNCH CRUNCH. (via The Messy Baker)

14. Baklava Ice Cream: Because baklava. And because ice cream. We’re making sundaes. (via Fragrant Vanilla Cake)

15. Baklava Birthday Cake: If nobody makes this for you on your birthday, you should absolutely make it for yourself. (via Hippopotamousse)

Baklava junkie? How do you get your fix? Talk to us in the comments or say hi on Twitter.