Oatmeal is great. We’re not even kidding… But okay, if you’re eating it plain, then it’s not (and who are you anyway?). It was never meant to be chewed all by its lonesome. And seeing as it’s the preferred breakfast of the season (according to us), we’re giving you five ways to do it up. They all start the same way, with one serving of the hearty stuff.

1. The Eye Opener: Mornings can be rough. Our trick to make them not as tough? Throw your coffee or espresso in your oatmeal, and go, go, go!


– 1 shot of espresso

– 1-2 sugar cubes (depending on your sweet tooth)

Put your oatmeal in a coffee cup, pour a shot of espresso over the top, add a sugar cube or two, stir, consume.

2. The Apple Pie: You’re eating healthier, good for you. Now time to eat pie for breakfast. (Not really, but let’s pretend.)


– 1/2 apple, chopped

– 1 dash cinnamon

– 1 dash nutmeg

– 1/2 graham cracker, crumbed

You guys can probably figure this out, but if you want us to walk you through it, we’d be happy to do just that.

Alright, grab a knife. Chop half of an apple, be it Granny Smith, Red Delicious, or Pink Lady. Sprinkle the bits atop your meal. Dash with cinnamon and nutmeg. Finally, the best part, crumble half of a delicious graham over the top.

3. Vita Honey C: In reality, you can use any type of orange for this recipe, but blood are preferential. Because they’re prettier than all the other oranges. Sorry, navel.


– 1/2 blood orange, zested

– 1 tsp honey

Zest half of that orange, then reach for the honey bear, and top off your morning meal.

4. French Toast Inspired: Hang on to your coffee cups. Two morning meals are colliding in one bowl. Oatmeal –– meet French Toast. French Toast –– meet oatmeal.


– 1 tablespoon maple syrup

– 1 handful Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Form your oats into a small dome using a 1-cup measuring cup or small bowl (because it looks nice). Drizzle with maple syrup, top with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Spoon clink! Dive in!

5. The Pumpkin Pie: Whipped cream for breakfast? Oh, yeah. We went there.

 – 1 spoonful canned pumpkin

– 1 dash cinnamon

– 1 dash nutmeg

– 1 handful pecans, chopped

– 1 squirt of whipped cream

Who says pumpkin pie is just for the holidays, anyway? ;)

Stir in pumpkin, dash with cinnamon and nutmeg, throw in that pecan, and get ready for the best part: Reddi-Wip. We’re not saying you should squirt some in your mouth, but if you do, we’d support your decision.

All about not-your-average oats? Let us know what your fave combos are in the comments!