Put down your dogeared copy of Wild for a sec and remember back to when you learned to read. There was likely a long journey that led to your love of books, filled with Madeline and Goosebumps, maybe a pitstop at Edward and Bella, all the way up to book clubs and Kindles full of page turners, er, swipers. Now, here’s an important stat to add to your reading list: one in four kids grow up without learning to read properly. That’s something that Bam Boomerang, a new startup project in the education space, wants to change.

The concept of Bam Boomerang is relatively simple. Like most online reading education, kids are given a series of simple sentences and phrases that tell an engaging story, teaching them important words along the way. But there’s where the similarities end.

Bam Boomerang instructs kids to read out loud, so they can better understand how the words are formed and what they sound like. The kids are recorded, and adult supervisors like parents and teachers can listen to the exercises later, then offer constructive, positive feedback. Their feedback is then recorded by the game, which presents it to the child with characters and phrases incorporated into the story.

The app also provides analytics tools for parents and teachers, plus a super easy interface for even the youngest little learners. Check out their Kickstarter page for more info and to support this awesome project. $17 will give you first access to the app. And sure, it may not be Sesame Street and Goodnight Moon, but hey, the times are changing, so our education probably should as well.

What do you think of this cute new app? Would you use it with your kids to teach them to read? Tell us below!