Whether you’re an avid reader, a book collector or have just inherited a ton of good reads from family + friends, you know that books can take over an entire room. And when they’re all over the place, stacked in corners and collecting dust on shelves, we tend not to even read them. To solve this problem, we’re bringing you 17 cool bookends that are sure to keep your library neat + tidy (and looking rad!). Whether you use them on a desk, bookshelf or the kitchen counter, these sets will surely keep things in order.

1. Polka Dot Geo Bookends: A two-in-one set of bookends and vases. Genius! (via The Four-Eyed Wonder)

2. Ampersand Wooden Bookends ($50): Even though we opt for the plus sign over the ampersand in our work, we do still accept and appreciate its beauty.

3. Gilded Polar Bears: A block of wood and your favorite wild animal come together to make this super creative option. Plus it’s gold, so you know we had to like it. (via Brit + Co)

4. Bicycle Bookends ($26): Come on, it’s a bicycle. So cool!

5. Spring Mint Tree ($49): These bookends remind us of that old classic The Giving Tree, which is so appropriate since they’re meant to hold up epic novels.

6. Shaped Bookend Series ($165): You can never go wrong with shapes! Pick your pair from these geometric options, and your library will be colorful and artsy.

7. Gold Geometric Blocks: This blogger informed us that bricks only cost around 50 cents at home improvement stores. And with paint only costing a few dollars, it’s clear that these are the cutest and cheapest bookends out there. (via A Bubbly Life)

8. Concrete + Lace Bookends: Cement + lace = a surprisingly modern and trendy combo. (via Brit + Co)

9. Comic Book Bookends ($38): These bookends are guaranteed to make a real statement! They’re tiny enough that they don’t take up tons of space, but their comic book character is huge.

10. Good Read Bookends ($35): How fitting! We can’t argue with these.

11. Golden Rocks: It’s like these bookends were made for us. Gilded rocks? Sold! (via Design Love Fest)

12. Classic Library Bookends ($35): Throwback alert! You may not have seen these babies since your high school library days, but we know you’ll welcome them back into your life now.

13. Old School Telephones: We love a good retro vibe in the home. These telephones are way cool! (via A Beautiful Mess)

14. Blue Dogs ($125): Pets are near and dear to our hearts, and these blue dogs are nothing short of precious.

15. Fabric Pyramids: If your space is rockin’ a black and white theme, these pyramid bookends are an addition you can’t live without. (via Design Sponge)

16. Lasercut Fox ($49): You had us at lasercut…

17. Concrete Letters: Grab some cardboard letters from a craft store, cover them in cement and voila! (via Little House on the Corner)

Which of these bold bookends will you be using to keep your library upright? Give us a shout out below to tell us which ones you like best!