We’re the first to admit that we had some mixed feelings about Google Glass when we first saw it — and we know we’re not alone. So when a few surgeons got featured on the news for streaming surgeries through Glass, many people questioned their privacy and ability to trust their healthcare providers. But now 19-year-old Noor Siddiqui is working on a way to change all that and possibly the future of healthcare. Not to mention your opinion of Glass.

Noor and her sister Gina developed Beam, a secure Google Glass platform that will allow doctors and other healthcare providers to share images, text and video with others in the medical community. The goal is that this would help doctors receive feedback from specialists and supervisors on otherwise challenging cases.

For example, a patient could go in with a mysterious illness and the doctor treating them would be able to take pictures, assign a case number and give the case to a supervisor as needed, all through their POV using Google Glass. Beam also allows for secure video consults, meaning a doctor could live stream a video of a patient to consult with a specialist in a remote location.

Transporting data securely may still raise questions about doctor-patient confidentiality, but it sounds like Beam’s intentions are simply to regulate the use of Google Glass to improve healthcare for everyone around the world. And that’s a new use for this tech we can totally get behind. With people finding innovative ways to apply Glass for social good, we’re excited to see what happens next in a tech space with a lot to prove.

What do you think of this project? Would you be comfortable with your own doctors using it? Let us know in the comments below!