When Instagram joined the video game, we were all super stoked, but we haven’t seen a ton of 15-second Insta-vids in that time that have made us do a double take… or give them a double tap. But Instagram just released an app that is doing something no other app is and the thrill is real. It’s called Hyperlapse and it’s here to make your mobile vids go pro.

Hyperlapse lets you film professional-looking time lapse videos — no account necessary. There is no feed or “follow” feature. It’s just a tool to record your favorite moments in a whole new way… and of course it’s free and Insta-compatible. Get the full low down here and look at some of our favorite Hyperlapse videos created so far this week, from Ellen to Jimmy Fallon to artists and makers we love!

1. A Day in the Life of an Ellen Guest: We love The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so how cool is it that Ellen herself (um, or her social media producer) took us behind the scenes?! We’d love to see more videos like this from our favorite Insta stars. (via @theellenshow)

2. City Life: Big cities are full of color, movement and lots and lots of people. All of that action is prime video material. (via @xolui4evexo)

3. Making Art: Great art takes time, and until now you couldn’t capture a process time lapse video that would fit into Instagram’s 15 seconds… at least not easily. We’re thinking this would be a great way for people to share DIYs and recipes too! (via @paperfashion)

4. Strange Encounters: Come across something curious or even kooky? Film it! The more fun you have with your video, the more fun people will have watching it. (via @joncellini)

5. Eyes on the Sky: The sky can always make for an interesting subject. Shooting stars, migrating clouds and the rotation of the Earth are all celestial reminders of the Great Unknown. (via @marcauxvisual)

6. Go Macro: It’s not always about thinking big. In fact, sometimes it’s best to think really, really small. Get up close and personal with the tiny things you overlook everyday and you’re bound to find something interesting. (via @jmayerhiller)

7. Life of the Party: Setting up for a party is a perfect time to capture a transformation! Of course Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day is always in party mode, so filling her studio window display with balloons is a regular day in the life. (via @ohhappyday)

8. Bright Lights: Night time is the perfect time to capture colorful lights in motion. We love how this Insta user gave us a new look at the iconic spinning teacup ride at Disneyland. (via @jamesi)

9. Jimmy Fallon Chowing Down: Not everyone can devour cake like that, Jimmy. We don’t suggest scarfing hunks of cake on a regular basis, but it could be cool to see a POV shot of a dinner table or someone’s plate dwindling during a meal. (via @fallontonight)

10. On the Road: Winding roads and long drives can make great shots to test the limits of the Hyperlapse stabilization technology. Just make sure your passenger is the cameraman/woman. (via @turbojetpixie)

11. Concert Footage: We’ve all tried and failed at capturing the in-the-moment energy of a concert in photos and video. But maybe now we’re one step closer. What a great way to chronicle an event. (via @jesselirola)

12. Karlie Kloss POV: Do you see what I see? Why yes I do! Karlie Koss had a simple, but clever idea: shoot a point-of-view video of hands fast at work on a laptop. You could try getting a POV walking your dog, painting a mean mani or even just walking in killer shoes. (via @karliekoss)

13. Watching Life Pass By: There’s nothing wrong with the fly-on-the-wall approach. It can be cathartic to just let life happen around you while staying very still. (via @benritto)

14. Puppies! You may not have a litter of adorable pups that you can film as they lap up milk together (squeal!), even though you probably wish you did. In lieu of puppies, anything cute will do: kittens, bunnies, babies , etc. (via @chilidkidd)

15. Throwing a Party: Any holiday is a great excuse to film a ton of fun stuff: fireworks, birthday candles, beach bonfires, barbecues and even karaoke night! Yes, karaoke can be a holiday. (via @peter_nextmod)

16. Taylor Swift’s Made Us Look: We don’t all get to see our name in sky writing, but Taylor Swift is not your average ‘grammer. For us more run-of-the-mill picture fiends, finding out-of-the-ordinary moments can be as simple as looking around. (via @taylorswift)

17. Stunts: Please refrain from the Jackass variety. Keep the stunts to things you know you can do without bodily harm. For us, we’d probably perform the fantastic stunt of cracking an egg with one hand or our first time stand-up paddleboarding. (via @chrisburkard)

18. Film a Dance Party: It’s time to revisit your “Single Ladies” choreography. Next time you feel like busting a move, you can film it for the world to see. (via @ijustine)

19. Capturing the Skyline: Rep your city with a video version of the skyline photo. Preferably, you know, from a boat. But that’s only if you’re looking for high production value. (via @edwardkb)

20. Back to Nature: As you might guess, National Geographic has already jumped head-first into Hyperlapse. We can’t wait to see what adventures we can go on with these amazing nature lovers. If you find yourself in Mother Nature, let us follow along. (via @natgeo)

21. Mastering the Slow Pan: If you fancy yourself one to get fancy with the camerawork, try a slow pan from one side of a large space to another. With the app’s stabilization, you don’t need a tripod or anything — just a somewhat-steady hand. This could be a great technique for shooting a big event like Re: Make! (via @araphoto)

22. Tell a Story: This may be our favorite find so far. Fitting a story in 15 seconds is difficult but well worth the effort as you can see from this clever little back and forth, “chase scene” in an apartment. (via @meagancignoli)

Have you Hyperlapsed? Let us know your tips and tricks + share your vids in the comments below!