We've been loving the wavy trend for a while, but sometimes its downright difficult to get those subtle ocean-kissed waves you see all over fashion magazines. Downright difficult until now! With help from your handy dandy flat iron, you can create gorgeous beachy waves in less then 30 minutes.


– your gorgeous hair, dry

– a flat iron

– elastics or clips (anything to keep your hair in sections)

– hair spray

First, separate your hair into 6 sections. The larger the braid, the larger the wave. If you're looking for a big hair look and left your crimper in the 80s, try this same method with a bunch of small braids.

Next, braid! Then take your flat iron and iron the braids one by one. It's crucial that you start all the way at the top of the braid, and hold in place for about 10 seconds.

For the end of the braid, use your flat iron to curl the bottom a bit so the waves flow naturally through the ends of your hair.

And that's it! You're ready to make mermaid-style splashes, even on a rainy April day. Got any style hacks we should know about? Send beauty tips our way on Twitter or Facebook.