Your bedroom is your oasis. But when it’s also the home for your extensive collection of shoes, books, clothes, and souvenirs, your room can feel like anything but. That’s where shelving comes to the rescue. Using shelves will help get your things off the floor and outta the way, and leave you with an area that feels completely calm and clutter-fee. If that sounds like the dream (seriously though), scroll down to see our favorite ways to bring some stylish organization into your life.

Corner Display

1. Cozy Corner: Put that awkward corner to good use by installing all-white floating corner shelves. Throw in a few chic frames and a succulent or two, and suddenly you’re left with an area that’s not so awkward after all. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. White and Gold: This color combo makes a room feel instantly luxe, and thanks to some gold hardware, you can recreate the look in your own room without investing a lot of dough.

Book Shelves

3. Not-So-Basic Bookshelf: Installing shelves to make your own built-in is an easy way to display your favorite travel trinkets and knickknacks, and oh yeah — books! (via Glitter Guide)

4. Structured Built-ins: If you’re got the money to do it, built-ins are an excellent method for maximizing every ounce of space you’ve got — even up to that quirky cross section in the ceiling.

Custom Creation

5. Custom Creation: Speaking of custom, you can make a design that works for you that isn’t built into the wall. We’re loving these wooden additions fixed above a console that give it a totally unique look. Speak with a local carpenter about how you can bring the idea home. Trust us: It’s easier than you think. (via SF Girl by the Bay)

Floating Nightstand

6. Float On: This nightstand idea involves zero floor space and we’re ALL for it. We’ll take two, please. (via The String)

7. Ladder Up: Utilizing wall space for your wardrobe is #genius. A ladder secured to the wall is a quick way to get that hanging space you need — and it doubles as wall art! (via A Pair and a Spare)

8. Split Sitch: What’s better than one bookcase? Two divided with some handy study space in between. If you’re really going for a cozy look, position a love seat between them, then curl up with a good book! (via Cup of Jo)


9. A-Framed: Go beyond the basics with an A-line approach that looks intricate and organized. Pro tip: Finish the shelves with a coat of white paint to let your accents really do the talking. (via Style by Emily Henderson )

10. Magazine Rack Hack: If you’re tired of your Glamour mags covering the floor, take notes from this hanging solution. Now books, records, and even photos can proudly be on display.

All the Things

11. All the Things: Sometimes, you find a wall solution so good, it looks like a work of art. In this case, we hit the decorating jackpot with a unit that’s chic, smart, and all the things we want it to be — including beautiful. (via Jacquelyn Clark)

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