Of all 29 contestants on this season of The Bachelor, one in particular, one has already set herself apart from the pack, both for the mystery surrounding her age and for her unconventional beauty: Yup, we’re talking about Bekah Martinez!

While most women on the show have long, flowing locks to speak of, Martinez dares to be different, with a short, pixie-ish ‘do that has many cheering. As it turns out, she’s also got another alternative beauty secret — she doesn’t shave her pits. At least not all the time, anyway.

The reality star, whose age is yet to be confirmed (but estimated at 22), took to Instagram in June of 2017 to show off her growth, writing, “Am I a good feminist yet? ;) ” She also addressed any would-be trolls, saying, “All you haters will be happy to know I got them waxed last week.”

She certainly wouldn’t be the first celeb to let it all hang out: Miley Cyrus and Jemima Kirke have both been spotted sans shave in their day, and Lola Kirke even walked the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet without putting a razor to her pits.

According to data comparisons from surveys in 2013 and 2016 by Mintel, a trend and forecasting company, the trend of shaving is dying out with millennials in general, who are bucking the razors over concerns of skin irritation and a growing sense of backlash against the status quo.

We say, to each their own!

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 (Photo via Craig Sjodin/ABC)