While everyone was busy making fun of the iPhone 6 Plus’s #Bendgate ordeal, no one ever expected Apple to actually be exploring the plausibility of an iPhone made to bend. Well, surprise! Just last week, Apple won a patent for a flexible, foldable iPhone where twists, squeezes and bends would act as shortcut commands.

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Although it may seem like #Bendgate was the fueling factor for Apple’s plans for a bendable phone, they actually first filed their flexible phone patent back in 2011. It was revealed that the patent explores using a force sensor where physical squeezes, bends and flexes would open apps, answer calls and turn the phone on and off.


In order to make this flexible phone a reality, the phone will have to be covered with a flexible display and touch sensors. Additionally, all batteries and circuit boards will need to be surrounded by soft plastic or silicone to enhance flexibility and durability. And here’s some good news for all of your butterfingers: With all that silicone cushioning inside, the phone will be able to endure a harder impact.


Just so you can picture how flexible this phone would be, it helps to know that Apple was exploring a similar patent for a flexible watch that bent like a throwback snap band watch. They even drew out plans that showed the phone completely folded so that it would be able to fit into the skinniest of jeans.

And while it isn’t likely that people will be walking about with a folded up iPhone in their pockets any time soon, perhaps Apple will begin to ease their consumers in by slowly implementing certain functions in their other iDevices.

Would you love having a iPhone that twists, bends and folds? Let us know in the comments!

(h/tApple Insider, drawings via USPTO)