With the massive iPhone 6 Plus teetering into phablet territory, we’re finding it more and more difficult to easily slip our phones in and out of our pockets. Especially in skinny jeans. Amirite, people?

Technology is getting bigger, and our pant pockets seem to be staying the same size, so Neal and Rocky of Bond & Co have created a line of tech shirts to seamlessly hide your smartphones and earbuds.

Neal moved to India two years ago and met Rocky, a designer whose shirt idea got this whole thing started. The two teamed up to create a totally game-changing shirt and jobs for people in India who sew them together by hand. As an added bonus, 10% of all funds go to getting clean water to remote areas of India.

Right now the shirts are only for men and come in four designs that are a mix of Eastern and Western styles: The Born, The Western, The Captain and The Classic. Each has its own discreet way of integrating technology into your shirt.

In every design, there’s a loop of fabric inside the collar, which is the perfect place to hold your earbuds. Pockets for smart phones vary from sleeve and chest positions, and all of them fit even the largest phones currently on the market. Bond & Co also has plans to include an EMI radiation-reducing pocket shield at no extra cost.

These men’s designs look great, but we’re hoping they dive into tech tops for women soon. We could easily see these features in a button-up, blazer or even cute cardigan!

We’ve seen these kind of designs in workout clothes, but when we were introduced to the same capabilities in everyday wear, we were kind of like, “Duh!” These shirts are perfect for bike commuters or train commuters, seeing as you’ll always have easy access to your device while knowing that it’s secure.

The shirts have already been successfully Kickstarted, but you can keep the donations rolling until October 25. With a $29 donation, you can get the Classic Tech Shirt. Shirts will be shipped by the holidays, so maybe there are some tech-loving guys you can check off of your list.

What kind tech tops would you like to see in women’s wear? Let us know in the comments!