Prepare yourselves: Summer 2017 is not about millennial pink nails. I know, shocking. Instead, the It-shade for your digits is a decidedly more neutral hue. Hello, nude nails. They go with literally every OOTD you’ve got and look oh-so natural alongside your summer glow. We know what you’re thinking, though — aren’t they a little, you know, basic? Not necessarily. All you need is a little inspo to decorate them up, and boom! Boring, be gone. Here are seven nude nail art designs we’re crushing on for summer.

1. All Dressed Up: Betcha never thought about putting a bow tie on your nude nails, right? Well, dream big. You’ve got a neutral base to start with here, so bring on the glitter and designs galore.

2. Feeling Rosy: Summer is on the way and everything’s coming up roses, including your pretty digits. You could also go for a daisy or any other floral wonder you can think up.

3. Blinged-Out: Have a summer wedding or other swanky event to attend? Just add a bit of bling to your neutral nails and you’re looking fancier already.

4. Written in the Stars: A simple star or two is another fun addition to your nude mani. Show some personality and shine bright with this look.

5. Ice, Ice Mani: The weather may be heating up outside, but that doesn’t mean a little ice can’t keep you looking cool. Add silver slivers to your nude digits for a mani that’s anything but #basic.

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6. Gettin’ Tippy: French manis are great and all, but with a nude nail, there’s so much more creativity to be had. Case in point, these fun white tips in the shape of an upside down “V” that we’re absolutely obsessed with.

7. Eye Spy: What was that about nude nails being a bore? Nothing to see here but personality. We’d try out this fun option any day of the week.

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