If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s the fact that nude nails go with just about *everything*. Whether it’s with floral frocks or neon clothes for spring, this minimalist mani style has a way of keeping us looking pretty and polished without upstaging our thoughtfully curated attire. In a season filled with mass amounts of weddings, BBQs and national holidays, we’re gonna need nails that are just as versatile as our ever-changing style. This summer, instead of power clashing with some craaazy nail art, let’s go for a more chic and subdued style. Scroll through these 12 #flawless nude nail manicures and find the *perf* style to go with all of your summer looks.


1. Neutral Ombre: Ombre isn’t just for hair. Mix up your nude nail look by applying a different shade to each finger for a smooth ombre fade. (via The Lacquer Log)


2. Meh Nails: Radiate your too-cool-to-care attitude with nails that are just as expressive as the rolling of your eyes. These “meh nails” will serve as the perfect playful style to wear to all your fanciest functions this season. Plus, they’re a great conversation starter. (via Sephora)


3. Pastel + Marble: Minimalist lovers, this one’s for you! Keep yourself cool all summer long (metaphorically speaking) with some sleek and cool tones. (via Lulu’s)

4. PastelTips: While French manicures have always been a go-to for keeping things clean and classic, it’s time to spice things up this summer season by incorporating a hint of color. Gradually change shades for an ombre-like effect to your whimsical manicure.


5. Edgy Moon: If geometric designs are your jam, you’ll love this subtle half-moon style. Pair these nude nails with geometric jewel tones to give the look that elevated regal appeal. (via So Nailicious)


6. Nude + Navy Florals: What’s a summer without a touch of florals? If you’re looking to mix in some darker tones with your nude manicure, playfully add some floral designs (using both colors) as a way to soften and blend your contrasting color scheme. (via Lulu’s)

7. Nude Lace: Whether you’re a bridesmaid or an honored guest embracing that classic wedding style, you must add some lacey art to your perfectly polished nails. Whether you go black or white, it will bring a little more class to your outfit.

8. Glitter: Up the wow factor of your simple style by adding a single, eye-catching glittery nail. This look is perfect if you’re attending a formal event and want to subtly match your nails with your sparkly dress to pull the look together.


9. Chalk Mani: Colorblocking is your BFF when it comes to your next standout summer nail style. Wear your nude nails with a pop of color for a look that embraces the vibrant shades of summer. (via Sephora)


10. Simple Sparkle: Already pining for Christmas? Give your summer nail that holiday cheer with neutral nails accented with just a touch of gold glitter. (via Sometimes Sweet)


11. Negative Space: Take your nude nails to the next level by pairing your neutral colors with a negative-space style. Just remember to alternate pink and nude tones to keep the look from being too basic. (via Popsugar)

12. Evil Eye: In many cultures, the evil eye serves as a symbol of protection. Give your nails a deeper meaning with a mani that wards off evil spirits. Plus, it’s just plain cute!

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