Whether you’re a recent college grad who’s ready for some adulting or a career-driven girlboss looking to add to your brood, getting a new pet is one of the most exciting things you can do. If you know you’re ready to become a busy pet-parent, but aren’t sure who exactly you want to join your family, let the zodiac guide you. Read on to learn about every sign’s horoscope-approved pet.


Shot of a beautiful young woman enjoying a cuddle with her cat

1. Cat: Cats are notoriously independent, brave and quick — sound like someone else you know, Aries? Confident Aries is the best sign of the zodiac to most appreciate the feline’s fickle affections.


Young women lying on floor with guinea pig.

2. Guinea Pig: Taurus thrives on security in the same way Guinea pigs feel most comfortable in their fluffed up cages. Both of you are reliable and easygoing, often seeking comfort and care over adventure and risk. There will be lots of nesting going on in a Taurus-Guinea pig house!


Close up of a woman holding a chameleon in her hand.

3. Chameleon: Gemini, you are a master at adapting to your surroundings; your versatility is one of your best assets! A quick-changing chameleon will satisfy your own desire for something different and new.


The woman takes the African hedgehog in hand

4. Hedgehog: Prickly hedgehog will completely understand your need for protection, cautious Cancer. And while both of you may have that reserved (and sometimes prickly) exterior, you’re both loving, emotional beings at heart.


A young woman holding a cute piglet

5. Pig: Creative Leo is always the one to adapt to trends first. Bringing a little piggie into your home may seem strange to some, but your broad-mindedness means you wholeheartedly accept the unique and different before anyone else. The potbelly pig cute factor will also draw a lot of attention to the social and outgoing Leo.



6. Bunny: How many times have you been called a perfectionist, Virgo? You have a sense of pride and meticulousness in everything you do; traits that are also found in most rabbits! Those fluffy-tailed friends are known for their cleanliness in their space and hygiene.


dog and girl

7. Dog: Sociable Libra charms every person they meet. Your easy-going attitude matches perfectly with a dog’s own happy-go-lucky disposition. The two of you live for taking walks, spending hours at the dog park and eating dinner outside to soak up the sun and passersby “awws.”


Snake around the neck of a young woman

8. Snake: There’s no sign full of more power and passion than you, Scorpio. And while snakes may get a bad rap for being, well, gross or scary, they definitely carry their own sense of prowess and poise that can’t be denied. Your innate sense of determination means you won’t let anyone’s opinion sway your choice of pet.


Girl holding parrots

9. Parrot: You have your own set of wings, freedom-loving Sagittarius, and the good humor to match the quick-wit of a parrot. Furthermore, aren’t you the one your friends go to for honest, straightforward advice? You and your brash birdie can call ’em like you see ’em together!


Portrait of young happy woman holding turtles in hands

10. Turtle: Oh, patient, careful Capricorn. Who else to understand your reserved nature and practicality than a sweet turtle? Sure, everyone has heard the tortoise and the hare fable, but you live your entire life by the “slow and steady wins the race” principle. And you can be sure your ever-faithful little shelled buddy will be cheering you on every step of the way.


girl in aquarium market

11. Fish: The quintessential water bearing sign, Aquarius absolutely needs their own seafaring animal as a pet. Independent, intellectual Aquarius will find watching their pet fish swim to be a meditative activity. While there may be no furry head to pat, the familiar silence while you read your next Faulkner novel will more than suffice.



12. Hermit Crab: Pisces, you’re so sensitive and kind, you’re the only sign that can truly appreciate the specific cuteness that comes with the hermit crab. Your vivid imagination will conjure the most fantastical stories for your little shell-backed friend. Plus, you can have fun painting their shells whenever they need a new house!

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