We’ll admit it: Our pets are basically our babies. We love them, drop everything for them and we even include them in our holiday photos. There’s pretty much nothing we wouldn’t do for those furry, feathered and/or fishy little creatures. While not all of us are big enough gadget hounds (pun intended!) to invest in pet-centric technology like cat-feeding robots (yes, that’s a real thing), we can all appreciate a few must-have apps for pet owners who adore modern conveniences almost as much as their adorable little monsters.

Brit FirstAid

1. Pet First Aid: The American Red Cross knows a thing or two about responding to emergencies, so it makes perfect sense that they’d come out with an app to help pet owners react intelligently in the event of an injury or illness. Loaded with everything from a symptom checker and instant vet locator to a step-by-step guide on sheltering a pet during a disaster, this app can help us make smart decisions in stressful situations, keeping our little pals safe from harm.

DL it: 99 cents on iOS, Google Play and Kindle

Brit P5

2. P5: Fitness apps are nothing new, but when it comes to putting our pets on a program to keep them healthy, Purina is ahead of the game with its P5 dog training app. With everything from a daily exercise and food tracker to professional training videos, it helps pups of all ages and fitness levels stay active and hopefully learn a trick or two in the process.

DL it: Free on iOS and Android

Brit Tagg

3. Tagg: For those of us whose animals don’t quite grasp the concept of “sit” or “stay,” the peace of mind that comes with a geolocation collar is priceless. Tagg virtually tethers its collar device to an app, letting users set a home zone for Fido and alerting them when those boundaries are breached (as well as GPS monitoring to help find the rascal). A temperature sensor also reminds you when your pet has been in the heat or cold for too long — a potentially life-saving bonus feature.

DL it: Free on iOS and Android with $99 device


4. Bring Fido: Life’s always better when our little monsters are with us, and luckily, this app keeps us in the know about where we can and can’t take them. Whether you’re specifically looking for a beach, park or off-leash dog event so your four-legged friend can roam free, or you’re trying to pick a pup-friendly brunch spot to meet up with friends, you’ve got a handy resource in your pocket at all times, and it won’t even cost you any kibble.

DL it: Free on iOS

Brit Weather Puppy Kitty

5. Weather Kitty and Weather Puppy: Even if you don’t have a pet, you should replace your usual weather app with one of these. Both are free, and not only do they administer a perfectly-proportioned (and climate-appropriate) dose of cuteness every time they pop up on the screen, but proceeds from the ad-free upgraded versions go directly to animal charities too. Two paws up for that!

DL it: Free on iOS (kitty, puppy) or Android (kitty, puppy)


6. Puppy Coach 101: Training a puppy (or an older dog, for that matter) is not for the faint of heart, but Puppy Coach 101 offers “bite-sized” instructional modules to help you stay consistent. With more than 30 training videos and plenty of easy-to-digest reminders about key points, the app will help that fluffy mutt sit, stay, heel and fetch in no time flat. There’s even a puppy diploma at the end to set that tail a-waggin’.

DL it: $2.99 on iOS


7. Dog Park Finder: The folks behind DogParkUSA.com put three years of research into this exhaustive tool, telling users where every nearby dog park can be found. Perfect for road tripping, learning a new neighborhood after a move or just getting the lay of the land once you’ve brought a new pet home, this app gives you all the details you need about hours of operation, fencing and other security measures so you can let Rover run around a little.

DL it: $1.99 on iOS


8. Sound Proof Puppy Training: Once you’ve mastered all the basic commands, it’s time to take it to the next level and get Fido used to thunderstorms, garbage trucks and vacuum cleaners. With its step-by-step, audio-enabled training series, this app teaches your pet the difference between normal everyday noises and things worth barking over when they go bump in the night.

DL it: $3.99 on iOS, $4.49 on Android

Which of these do you and your favorite animal love the most? Share below!