The debate of cats vs. dogs is probably one of the greatest + longest ever. Regardless of where you stand on this aww-dorable argument, the infographic below c/o Chewie Says might push you in the pup direction. And if that won’t, we bet this pic will:

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Not convinced? Here are 22 ways man and woman’s BFF will help make you healthier.


So while cats are busy strutting around your home and (sometimes) allowing you to pet them, dogs are encouraging you to get off of your butt and go outside. They’re also proven to reduce anxiety and possibly allergies, enhance your heart health and immune system, help you fight depression, introduce you to new people, act as sensory stimuli for those with autism, assist in detecting cancer and so much more. Okay, okay, maybe cats do a lot of those things too. We’re just typing this with a snoring dog on our laps. So color us biased, cat lovers.


In what ways does your dog(s) make you a healthier person? Let us know in the comments.

(Infographic via Chewie Says)