Pets are just as much a part of the family as children (that’s why they’re called furry kids, after all). So when brainstorming this year’s holiday photo shoot, remember to grab some treats and a festive collar (or antlers) and snap away with your four-legged friends in tow.

1. Holly, Jolly Legs: This typical shot for couples, or even families with little ones, can include furry friends as well. You’ll have a snap leaving everyone with puppy eyes. (via FabForbes)

2. Dog in a Blanket: Lovers of blankets and picnics, this idea is for you. Grab a blanket, or several, hit up your favorite open space and get comfy. Wrap your loved ones in them and keep the shoot casual. You’re bound to get several shots worth a howl. (via Jen Yuson Photography)

3. Festive Dog: Kids are fun to dress up, but so are dogs! String them in lights, toss on a wreath or slip on some puppy PJs. Nothing is really off-limits as long as you have several homemade treats nearby. (via Karin Newstrom Photography)

4. Seasonal Sofa: The outdoors provide a natural backdrop — one that doesn’t require stopping at the art store. Gather your favorite living room furniture, haul it down to the woods and set up a makeshift outdoor family room. The dogs won’t notice the change of scenery — okay, maybe they will — but they were planning on laying on the couch regardless. (via Poppy Blue Photo)

5. Paws and Feet: Turn the family toes in bed shot on its feet by inserting some paws. This shot will be worthy of belly rubs all around. (via Count It Joy Photography)

6. Wrapping Kitty: Wrapping the cat in paper may take an extra dose of catnip, if done successfully you’ll feel like you earned nine lives. (via Lindsay Taryn Photography)

7. Wacky Winter: Feel like Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday and swap places with your significant other. You’ll have everyone’s tails wagging out of confusion. (via Sidewalk Ready)

8. Cat Gals: Not everything has to be funny or out-of-this-world creative. Make it a quick shoot, grab your SO and your furballs and hit the couch (or loveseat). (via Pinterest)

9. Reindog: Dress your pet up as one of Santa’s four-legged helpers and you’re guaranteed plenty of presents delivered this year (unless you have a lazy pup). (via Maddie On Things)

10. Not So Silent Night: Admit it, the animals oftentimes have too much fun while you’re away at work all day. Recreate that nightmare for the pleasure of your friends and family with this chaotic scene. (via Lauren McBride Blog)

11. A Sleigh of Dachshunds: Deck the halls with Santa paws! Corral the pups, tie on some festive gear and watch them pose for the cameras. (via Carissa Russell)

12. Snowy Street: Before the snow finishes falling (and the dog jumps in the pile… and then on your clean couch), head outside with the entire family and set up the perfect winter wonderland at the end of the driveway. (via A Shields Photography)

13. Canine Caroler: We would definitely open our doors to this caroler. Dress up the howler in your life and watch ’em fa-la-la-la-la for the camera. (via MattiOnline)

14. Felines in Footies: Kids and pets in PJs, there’s nothing better than that. Buy the family matching onesies, jump on the bed and snap away for cuddly captures. (via Sarah Petty Photography)

15. Merry Mule: Donkeys, horses and other farm-friendly animals love holiday shoots too. If you got ’em, include ’em. (via Nikki James Photography)

16. Cat Scratch: Love lounging like a cat all day? Dress up this idea with anything festive and you’ve got a purr-fect photo. (via Rebecca Bolte)

How are you planning on incorporating your four-legged family members into this year’s holiday photos? Let us know in the comments below!