Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people in your life how much you love them. And who could you possibly love more than your lil babe? Whether it’s their first time celebrating or they’re on their second round, finding the perfect outfit for them to prance (or crawl) around in is half the fun. So we’ve found some of the cutest, most adorable onesies out there to get your little heartbreaker in the V-Day spirit.


1. Bodysuit, Bowtie and Hat Set ($36): Having a hard time putting together the perfect outfit? This one does all the work for you. If that’s not the perfect gift, we don’t know what is.


2. Metallic Hearts ($8): Hearts and gold glitter? SOLD!


3. Red Heart Onesie ($25): Not all hearts are created equal, but that’s just the way we like it.


4. DIY Painted Heart Onesie: Grab a plain white onesie and your paints to craft up a one-of-a-kind bodysuit for your funny little Valentine. (via Armommy)


5. Lovely Cotton One-Piece ($27): Just because she’s petite doesn’t mean she’s not full of class.


6. Love Machine Bodysuit ($27): Have your love machine wear this on Valentine’s Day or any day you please. This one’s too adorable to only wear once.


7. Hooded Fleece One-Piece ($11): Bundle up your tiny tot in something warm, cozy and cute.


8. First V-Day Onesie ($7): All firsts are meant to be celebrated, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.


9. DIY Vinyl Transfer: Whip up this quick onesie for the guy (or gal) who stole your heart. (via Delightfully Noted)


10. Love Bodysuit ($13): Even though she may not be able to say it out loud just yet, let your sweet babe wear her affection for you on her sleeve.


11. DIY Wheelie Cute Shirt: This punny little creation will keep you rolling with laughter all day long. (via Silhouette America)

12. Olive You Onesie ($20): Awww, we love you too!

Which onesie is perfect for your little heart breaker this Valentine’s Day? Talk to us below!