Ready to win first place at your next pregnant friend’s baby shower? From Poop There It Is to There’s a Nap for That, we bring you 20 of the punniest baby onesies ever. You might even go goo-goo over them ;)

1. Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner ($16): I mean, seriously. NOBODY better put baby in a corner.

2. Poop There It Is ($15): Party people! Remember how awesome Whoomp There It Is was? We need to add that to our Friday playlist for sure.

3. Boobies ($18): Taking a cue from Beavis and Butthead, are we? Your 6th grade math teacher would not be proud.

4. Crawl DMC ($15): The real question is, would a baby wearing this onesie do a duet with Aerosmith?

5. I’m into Zen ($16): For the extremely calm baby, channel a bit of zen.

6. Push it, Push it Real Good ($15): Oooh, baby, baby, baby, baby. Oooh, baby, baby, baby, baby. Get up on this!

7. Mama Ain’t Raisin’ No Fool ($27): Tupac’s mama definitely wasn’t raisin’ no fool.

8. There’s a Nap for That ($13): LOL! This is definitely the best one liner for babies in Silicon Valley.

9. Who’s Your Daddy? ($18): We can’t help but think of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy quoting Darth Vader into his fan… Luke I am your faaaa-ther.

10. I Drink Until I Pass Out ($16): A baby donning this little number is sure to know how to tie one on.

11. Time I Need A Changin’ ($27): Not sure how Bob would feel about this scramble of his iconic 60s anthem, but we’re digging it.

12. Beta ($20): Originally discovered in our roundup on geeky baby gifts, this Beta toddler tee comes in onesie form as well!

13. No Sleep Til Brooklyn ($15): The Beastie Boys were once Beastie Babies too.

14. Save the Drama for Your Llama ($15): A onesie quoting the ridiculously catchy but also kind of offensive 90s song Hoochie Mama may have just taken the cake for this roundup.

15. I Like Big Bottles and I Cannot Lie ($19): Oh yes.

16. Storm Pooper ($18): For our second Star Wars reference, it’s back to poop jokes.

17. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V ($28 for pair): How ridiculously cute are these for twins?

18. Hungry Like the Wolf ($18): Okay, I take back the Hoochie Mama winner declaration. Call it my personal bias towards the 80s, but this Duran Duran reference might be my favorite onesie of the bunch.

19. #baby + #adorable ($15): Of course, you probs want to invent your own custom hashtag as soon as you’ve picked out a name ;)

20. I Love + Hate Helvetica ($20): It’s never too early for your baby to voice his or her opinion on typography.

Bonus! All Your Milk Are Belong to Us (currently unavailable): We SO wish this one was available. Your baby’s geek points would go instantly through the roof.

Which one of these totally silly onesies is your favorite? Seen any others we should bookmark? Share links with us in the comments below.